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Hi guys My name is Merwin Davies and I’ve started Eat Live Life as part of a passion to help other people overcome their health problems and take charge of their lives. Eat live life is a place where I share tips and tricks to help you get the most out of every aspect of your health and wellness.

Eat Live Life – Aim

Eat Live Life’s sole purpose is to make health and wellness to every human being on the face of the planet. We are truly passionate about changing peoples lives and giving all that we can to achieve this. We aim to help people rely less on the current healthcare system and rely more on themselves by empowering them with knowledge that won’t only benefit a single individual but everyone that they come into contact with.

My Story

I had started a lucrative job working within a large multi-national advertising agency and was so grateful to be employed at such a prestigious institution. Little did I realise that in the forthcoming months my health would deteriorate rapidly, the relentless working hours meant that I had no time to exercise or to maintain any form of healthy eating.

My ideal day would consist of breakfast: a cup of extra strong instant coffee and two pieces of toast and later that day for lunch: would be a quick meal at the nearest fast food restaurant. My dinner was not much better as this would consist of KFC, McDonalds or Chinese takeout. I was not getting any exercise apart from walking to and from the train station I was constantly in a lethargic state and working long hours left me drained and tired, this led to a serious addiction to caffeinated drinks at late hours of the night and going to work the next day with less that 4 hours of sleep.

On the weekends I would drink far too much alcohol just to unwind from the stresses of work, this was my life day in day out – my body received a barrage of abuse and it really started to show. My asthma had returned, I had anxiety attacks, depression had set in and I was constantly in a brain fog – I had seemed to lose all hope. On top of this my work had suffered and it was brought to attention that I would have to pick my game up or else. Furthermore my stress levels and blood pressure had gone through the roof and I had gained 10 kilograms in a 4-month period, my psoriasis had come returned worse than ever, it covered my entire scalp and numerous parts of my face and neck.

I was desperate and I knew that I had to change one thing if not a few things to improve my life. I had realised that if I had to do it I had to do it now before I got caught in the rat race, so I quit my job and needed a much earned break, during this break I had learned about superfoods, holistic healing, juicing and yoga. I decided I would go on a juice fast for three days and ended up lasting 6 days’ during this period of 6 days I had lost 10 kilos and significantly changed my body and my psychology. I felt re-invigorated, energised, my mental clarity came back and brain fog had lifted, my psoriasis receded, my asthma disappeared and my happiness levels were better than ever. I could truly say that I had not felt this way since I was 18 years old.

As a result of the changes that I have incorporated in my life I have unlimited energy, my mind is super sharp and I sleep like a baby at night.

My aim is to share relevant holistic knowledge based on my experiences to regain your health and to make these changes on a regular basis in order to help you beat sickness, lose weight and to live your life to the fullest.

I am so grateful that you are reading this blog and I hope that it will help you change your life just like I have changed mine.

To your health and well-being,

Merwin Davies
Eat Live Life


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