How to tell if a food product is good for your health hint: it’s on the back!

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I rarely read nutrition labels on packaged foods anymore. Although the information is important it is not as important as the ingredients. We have lost a crucial step when we value information over ingredients. Our eating habits have evolved over time into a nutrition label obsession. We need to educate ourselves, which is the most difficult part. Most of us don’t feel we have time or energy to dedicate to our health. Thinking differently will cause us to consider food differently and ultimately will lead to positive lifestyle changes.

For what reason do we eat? Eating is supposed to be fun and exciting. It is supposed to bring us energy and pleasure. Unfortunately, we have become obsessed with information and the focus has shifted to getting the biggest benefits for the lowest cost. I am uncertain we truly eat for those reasons.

Prepare and empower yourself before shopping to find the best products for you. Go into your regular grocery store with spare time and no agenda and just notice the energy. You will be surprised at the experience. No wind favors the sailor without a destination. If you walk in without a specific and intentional goal you are setting yourself up for failure.

Look at the ingredients that make up the food you consume. If you cannot process it in your head then you probably won’t be able to process it in your body. Educate yourself on the ingredients label if it is a product that you like. Our goal is to eat food in its most original form so a good rule to go by is the fewer ingredients the better. Question the product if you cannot see into the package, there is a reason we are to purchase it before opening.

Trust your instinct when it comes to the different items that you decide on. You cannot trust the manufacturer’s advertisement of products. Decide to use your hard earned money wisely, starting now. If we collectively stop buying, the company will eventually stop producing. Nurture your grocery shopping experience. Don’t settle for less. It will make all the difference when you sit down to eat. You will be confident in the ingredients and quality of your meal. Peace of mind is far greater than anything you can get from a nutrition label.

There is no excuse for confusion on what we consume in this information age. Companies purposely make the labels confusing so we become frustrated and give up. Don’t give for free something of yours that is of great value. You have power as the consumer. Put the product back and choose an item that you trust even if that means doing more research or going elsewhere. Get the fire back for your own sake. Spend your money on things that you actually want. Question those “go to” items if they aren’t bringing you life. That is ultimately what food is supposed to do.

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