25 Tasty and Detoxifying Salad Recipes!

Detox salads

Detoxification is incredibly important for our health. We have many factors that contribute to ill health, one of them being the level of toxins within the body. Toxins can come from stress, the environment, and especially from the food you eat. If you are looking to detoxify easily, eat foods rich in nutrients. The most nutrient dense foods come from the plant kingdom.

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  1. Detox salad

This detox salad is jam packed full with nutrient rich ingredients, such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, parsley, seeds and nuts, anti-oxidant rich blueberries, the superfood kale and of course the therapeutic lemon.


Photo credit: Queen of Quinoa

  1. Fall detox salad

Everybody loves a crunchy salad, but finding one that tastes good and is made from wholesome ingredients may be tricky business. Look no further, this fall detox salad is crunchy with a refreshing edge from the apples and raisons that give it a sweet flavour accompanied by the brussel sprouts, carrots and celery it is truly delicious!

  1. Detox kale salad recipe

You have heard kale is a nutritional powerhouse and a superfood but not sure how to use it? Well this detox kale salad is a great start, especially if your looking to detox your body. This nutritional salad topped with a lemon mustard dressing is oh so good!

  1. Paleo detox salad

This raw, vegan and paleo detox salad one tasty, healthy, good for you salad! Full of detoxifying ingredients, such as beetroots, cabbage, kale, coriander, lemon, ginger and apple cider vinegar. In all this salad will stimulate digestion, cleanse and support liver function, improve blood glucose levels, aid weight loss and contribute to lowering the risk of cancer with high concentration of foods that have anti-cancer properties.

  1. Green detox salad with avocado and fennel

Avocado being full of essential healthy fats and fennel being high in anti-oxidants, a great source of vitamin C and fiber this green detox salad with avocado and fennel is great for you. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in the dressing will top this salad. Apple cider vinegar is great for gut health and lemon juice aids weight loss.

  1. Detox salad

This detox salad is easy to make using a food processor which chops the cauliflower, broccoli and carrot into the right consistency. The addition of currants and raisins added a sweetness to the dish that made it so addictive.

  1. Tropical detox salad

This tropical detox salad is so delicious and refreshing. With a focus on fright such as pineapple, ruby red grapefruit, mango and kiwi fruits along with almond nuts, coconut flakes and romaine lettuce this tropical detox salad has a different tasty twist than the others.

Tropical-Detox-Salad Photo credit: Skinny Mom

  1. Detox superfoods salad

This detox superfoods salad has a delicious combination of fruit, vegetables and nuts. Taste, flavour and nutrition does not disappoint with broccoli, mandarins (tangerines), pomegranate, fennel, avocado and walnuts.

  1. Delicious detox salad with Dijon maple dressing

Cabbage, carrots, red onion and spinach topped with a delicious dressing that adds a sweet flavour to this salad. Simple and tasty. Cabbage has a high concentration of anti-cancer properties and spinach is superfood because of its high nutrient base.

  1. Broccoli and cauliflower salad with lime and cilantro (whole foods detox salad)

Fresh, nutritional, sweet, crunchy and tasty are the words that best describe this broccoli and cauliflower salad with lime and cilantro. Using the food processor to chop all the big ingredients into fine grains this delicious salad is similar to a rich dish but 100% better for you.

  1. Super salad for a new year – detox demystified

Almost all ingredients in this recipe are nutritional powerhouses filled in numerous healthy benefits are anti-inflammatory and have high anti-oxidant properties. A perfect detox salad.

  1. Ultimate detox salad

All the ingredients in this ultimate detox salad are amazing detoxifying ingredients that contain cancer-preventative, immune-enhancing phytochemicals. These include; spinach, parsley, basil, red onion, cucumber, beetroot, sesame seeds, cabbage, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and lemon. This ones a winner!

  1. Inner goddess detox salad

This inner goddess detox salad will have you feeling like a goddess. With a mixture of green leafy greens, vegetables and berries this detox salad is scrumptious and so good for you.

Inner goddess detox salad

Photo credit: Iowa Girl Eats

  1. Quick and easy detox salad

The name for this salad really sums it up; quick and easy detox salad. It is quick and easy and definitely great at detoxing your body, as it loaded with detoxifying ingredients that help cleanse and purify.

  1. Chopped detox salad

This chopped detox salad is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. It has the same consistency as cous cous salad but even better for you. Made with wholesome, nourishing ingredients and topped with a delicious citrus avocado dressing, this recipe is a keeper.

  1. Summer detox salad

So many wholesome, cleansing ingredients in this summer detox salad. Broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, kelp, avocado, turmeric and ginger are just a few of the toxin-eliminating goodness in this salad.

  1. Detox salad

We do enjoy a salad with a delicious dressing, but most dressing don’t leave you guilt-free. This delicious dressing made from tahini, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, ginger and garlic is poured over a combination of sweet potatoes, kale, cabbage, squash, coriander (cilantro).


Photo credit: From Calculus to Cupcakes

  1. Detox salad and dressing

This Detox salad and dressing is full of essential omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in the salmon, walnuts and extra virgin olive oil. Also full of nourishing cleansing ingredients this detox salad will make you feel a whole lot better.

  1. Shredded vegetable detox salad

Shredded salads are always delicious, satisfying and full of nutrient rich vegetables and this shredded vegetable detox salad is no exception. Full of plant-protein such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, parsley and sunflower seeds this super nourishing and delicious.

  1. Beet carrot detox salad

Beetroot and carrot are the two main detoxifying ingredients in this detox salad. Beetroot is great for your liver as it supports liver function and plays are crucial role in the detoxification process and helps to eliminate toxins. Carrot helps remove toxins from the colon. Both body cleansing as well as delicious.

  1. Holiday Detox salad: shaved Brussels, kale,, cabbage & broccoli with currants & toasted pumpkin seeds

Brussels, kale, cabbage, broccoli and pumpkin seeds. This sounds like a nutritious, wholesome salad. The perk is that as well as being incredible healthy and contributing to your detox, this holiday detox salad is utterly scrumptious with a delicious hint of kick from the cayenne coated pumpkin seeds and a dressing that tops it off!



Photo credit: What’s Cooking Good Looking

  1. Spicy detox salad

This salad is plant-protein packed with the kale, broccoli, carrots and celery topped with spicy dressing. Spice is a great addition to any salad and this spicy detox salad has a great spicy flavour, from the ginger and garlic.

  1. Raw cauliflower detox salad

This detox salad uses cauliflower, broccoli and carrots as the base, all of which are nutrient dense and nourishing. This recipe will make a huge batch but trust me it won’t last long.

  1. Green monster detox salad

This green monster detox salad is paleo, raw vegan, gluten free and delicious! Full of every green coloured vegetable you can think of; cabbage, broccoli, pistachios, celery, cucumbers and avocado this salad will refresh your mind and body.

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