25 Anti-Inflammatory Detox Juice Recipes

detox juice recipes
Juicing is an incredible way of injecting nutrition into your body. The sheer amount of nutrients which can be extracted from vegetables and a little fruit is amazing and extremely beneficial for your body. However! There is a line that everyone has to draw, please do not overindulge in juices which contain a high amount of fruit – always consume them in moderation. If you are looking to get the most out of juicing, try out a straight vegetable juice or keep the fruit to a minimum to add just a little bit of sweetness to the juice.

  1. Purple rain detox juice recipe

Deep purple and micronutrient rich juice the beets in this juice have the ability to lower your blood pressure, boost stamina, fight inflammation, detoxifies the liver, and has anti-cancer properties. This juice is perfect right before a strenuous workout. Research suggests that drinking beet juice allowed people to exercise for up to 16 percent longer. Make sure to drink this stamina boosting juice before you hit the gym!

  1. Ginger cucumber detox juice

Cucumbers do such an amazing job as a water rich vegetable that they are a must add to any detox juice. This recipe is based on cucumbers however features some potent ingredients, that of which contain anti-inflammatory benefits from the Cayenne pepper and parsley, digestion improvers from ginger and lime juice, not to mention a refreshing after taste.

  1. Not a) Pina Colada pineapple detox juice

Love Pina Colada’s? Well then this detox juice recipe is for you! This amazing refreshing juice recipe is perfect for improving gut bacteria and general function of your digestive system. This juice’s centrepiece are pineapples which are rich in cysteine proteinases which are protein digesting enzymes that help further break down food in the gut.

  1. Holly’s green juice

Holly has done a great job here with this recipe, it’s definitely one that everyone should try and incorporate into their days for a nutrient dense kick. This juice incorporates Kale, the most nutrient dense food on the planet while also having the added goodness of two more superfoods primarily spinach and broccoli. Try this juice if you are looking for glowing skin and sustained natural energy throughout the whole day.

  1. Goji detox tea

Goji berries the anti-oxidant powerhouse features as the key ingredient in this detox tea. The other two ingredients are ginger, turmeric and lemon – all of which are anti-inflammatory and help the body naturally detoxify from harmful toxins. In addition turmeric has been proven beneficial for brain health helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Pear and carrot detox juice

If you are looking for the perfect juice to fight colds and flu’s go no further. This detox juice has tons of beneficial anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory’s that help fight the effects of colds and flu’s, nausea, protect against heart disease, purify blood and purge toxins from your system. This recipe has a rather unusual additive of honey dew melon, which works perfectly to balance out the recipe. Consider having this juice as part of your arsenal during a juice fast or juice cleanse.

  1. Green juice recipe

Ah the humble green juice! Green juices are my staple (go to) juice in which I have on a daily basis. Not only do they have an amazing amount of nutrients, they taste great and give me long and sustained bouts of energy – I have also found that I don’t crash at the end of the day and sleep like a baby as soon as my head hits the pillow. We had to share this recipe as Catherine has created the perfect green juice recipe (we think!). If you are looking to improve your diet, add one of these green juices to your morning and see how you feel after 2 weeks.

  1. Ginger beet juice

Beets are so amazing that we had to throw in another recipe with them as a main ingredient. If you love beets then you will love this detox juice recipe. The ingredients in this one are: beets, apples, lime, Clementine’s, ginger and carrots – that’s some anti-inflammatory powerhouse right there. Drink this when you feel a cold coming on! To see the recipe click the link above.

  1. Carrot, orange, and ginger juice without a juicer

Simple but delicious 4 ingredients in the whole thing, not very complicated at all but the flavours work extremely well together. This orange elixir will be sure to help you boost your immunity, lower the risk of heart disease, flush out toxins and reinvigorate your skin.

  1. Kale Grape Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

Who knew that kale and grapes go extremely well together? In this recipe kale and grapes pair up beautifully, a definite must try if you are looking for another exciting juice recipe! Kale is amazingly nutritious and combined with anti-inflammatory’s it becomes lethally good for your system.

  1. Fresh turmeric tonic

We can’t get enough of Turmeric, this amazing spice has been used in Indian culture for flavouring curries for thousands of years. Turmeric has been known to be an effective anti-inflammatory and helps assist with preventing diseases including Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.

  1. Liver tonic

The importance of the liver and its functions in the body is to say the least absolutely amazing. The liver is responsible for processing fats, keeping you energised, and processing vital nutrients to help you lose weight and look healthier. The added ingredient of dandelion greens has an added potency to help you cleanse out your liver with ease. Simple but incredibly potent, try this juice recipe out and see how you feel.

  1. Peachy keen

Here is a sweet juice that also has beneficial ingredients to help flush out the liver that tastes amazing. Rachel has explained in her post that this wonderful juice has helped her clear up her skin by helping regulate hormones in the body, and we cannot agree more! If you are going through hormonal imbalances then you may want to consider adding this juice to your day.

  1. Fennel & apple detox green juice

What a lovely green drink! With the added detoxification properties of fennel, this juice is a must for regular juice cleanses and can be drunk on a day to day basis. Perfect for a morning pick me up, try out this great tasting juice recipe and let us know how you feel about it – it’s packed full of leafy green goodness!

  1. Beet apple and lemon tonic

This is a beautifully coloured juice, which means that the potency of anti-oxidants is high. Beets as we have mentioned before are a wonderful cleanser and this juice does just that. Consider having this juice recipe on a warm summers day – delicious!

  1. Green detox juice

Eat more greens! We have heard it time and time again, but why is it so difficult for us to add more greens and vegetables to our diet? Well perhaps we haven’t acclimatised to the taste as most of us are so used to tasting very salty and very sugary foods. This is another wonderful green juice recipe that you can incorporate daily or as you desire.

  1. Orange cream juice

Now here is an interesting ingredient in this orange cream juice recipe: sweet potatoes! Have you ever considered juice sweet potatoes before? Well, there is always a first. Sweet potatoes are extremely high in Beta Carotene which gives it the orange colouration. Beta Carotene is an anti-oxidant which protects the body from free radicals, making Beta Carotene an awesome anti-inflammatory.

  1. Spinach shots

Spinach is Popeye’s favourite food of choice, which seemingly give him super human powers. Spinach has been touted as one of the world’s first superfoods and there is no surprise about that. Spinach is loaded with vitamins E,A,K and D which are crucial for reducing the harmful effects of free radicals and helping us maintain bone strength. This humble leafy green is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, a fatty acid that is crucial for brain function and many other benefits.

  1. Ricki Heller’s Cranberry, Pomegranate Holiday Detox Juice

Pomegrantes and cranberries are incredibly high in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help flush the body of toxins, nourish the body and help rejuvenate cells.

  1. Watermelon and grapefruit detox drink

Incredibly hydrating, this watermelon and grapefruit detox drink is wonderful consumed on a warm day. It is incredibly refreshing and great for detoxing the liver with a range of anti-oxidants.

  1. Pineapple beet juice

Pineapple contain an enzyme called Bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps digest protein. This is a great juice for during or after a meal as it helps breaks down proteins in turn helping your digestive system run smoother. Beets act as a great blood purifier, helping cleanse the blood from toxins.

  1. Broccoli stem green juice

Ever wondered what to do with those left over broccoli stems? Juice them! Broccoli stems do contain a huge amount of nutrition and throwing them out is a travesty.

  1. Classic beet juice

This classic beet juice is a great way to lower blood pressure and help keep your blood strong. Beets have a wide array of vitamins and minerals, which is perfect for anyone that is looking to add some extra nutrition into their diets.

  1. Spinach & cucumber and kiwi juice

Spinach has a high nutritional value and not to mention the amazingly high content of anti-oxidants. Spinach contains, magnesium, manganese, folate, iron and calcium, which means that you can ditch the dairy and get on the spinach!

  1. Watermelon margarita

This is an amazing juice which tastes like a margarita! A mocktail with health benefits, yea please! Try this one out when you are detoxing, people can’t even tell the difference between this mocktail and an actual mocktail.

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