28 Luscious Avocado Recipes!

paleo avocado recipes

Avocado is an amazing fruit which is loaded with important fatty acids, essential for brain function and overall health. The amazing avocado is the perfect addition to salads, but there are hundreds of different variations that have an almost limitless amount of combinations.

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  1. Avocado ice cream
    This delicious ice cream is perfect for anyone and everyone with no ice cream maker needed you can make this scrumptious dessert in under 10 minutes with only 4 ingredients. This paleo dessert is also egg and nut free.


Photo credit: Health Extremist

  1. Vegan Avocado ranch
    A delicious paleo alternative to your favourite ranch dressing. Made with avocados this delicious vegan avocado ranch dressing is perfect with salads for a guilt free sauce.
  1. Paleo baked avocado fries
    A delicious paleo alternative to everyones favourite side; fries. These crispy avocado fries are full of the good kind of fat that means you don’t have to feel guilty anymore!
  1. Easy chocolate avocado truffles with a kick – paleo and vegan
    Chocolate avocado truffles that uses real ingredients that are paleo, vegan and delicious, yes please! Don’t forget about the health benefits of avocados that make this treat even more appetising.
  1. Healthy avocado chocolate cookies
    These healthy avocado chocolate cookies are really good and good for you! Made with avocados, that are full of healthy fats, rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants these cookies are delicious and guilt free!

Paleo Avocado cookies

Photo credit: The Smoothie Lover

  1. Avocado spinach dip
    A delicious avocado spinach dip that goes so nicely with chopped up veggies for a healthy version of your favourite chip and dip combo.
  1. Bacon wrapped avocados
    There’s no better combination than bacon and avocado and these bacon wrapped avocados are surely a massive win!
  1. Avocado BLT egg salad
    The creaminess of the avocado in this avocado BLT egg salad is a healthy alternative to the mayonnaise that is usually used in egg salads. A delicious healthy BLT egg salad.
  1. Paleo avocado tuna salad
    Avocado and tuna go so nicely together and this paleo avocado tuna salad can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Perfect for a snack or a quick lunch.

paleo avocado-tuna-salad

Photo credit: Cook Eat Paleo

  1. Sweet potato and avocado bites
    Bite size deliciousness! These sweet potato and avocado bites are tasty and so easy to make!
  1. Raw avocado and golden flax crackers
    A delicious alternative to your corn chips these raw avocado and golden flax seed crackers are perfect for your favourite dip or are Moorish to eat on there own.
  1. Creamy avocado, artichoke and kale dip
    Creamy avocado, artichoke and kale dip. Or possibly a soup if you like me could eat by the spoonful. Jam Packed of nutrients, it’s a must try!
  1. Coconut and avocado grasshopper bars
    Chocolate layer ontop of a coconut, mint bottom. Delicious! Mouth-watering! Need I say anymore?

coconut avocado bars

Photo credit: Raias Recipes

  1. 5 ingredient avocado fudge bites
    These avocado fudge bites are bliss. With only 5 ingredients you won’t have an excuse not to make them!
  1. Avocado stuffed meatballs
    Meatballs are a favourite in my household so these avocado stuffed meatball were a huge hit! The juicy flavoursome meat covering the creamy avocado was delectable and literally melts in your mouth!
  1. Roasted asparagus avocado soup
    Asparagus and avocado may seem like a whacky combination at first but this roasted asparagus and avocado soup will make you think twice. The avocado gives it the delicious creamy texture that is accompanied with the flavour of the roasted asparagus. Yum!
  1. Avocado boats: 5 ways!
    These avocado boats have changed my life! When I don’t have time for lunch or can’t find anything in the cupboard I can always whip on one of these delicious, easy to make and healthy avocado boats. Check out the flavour combinations or invent one of your own!
  1. Avocado date smoothie
    An avocado in a smoothie adds a creamy smoothie texture that will surely impress! Avocados are full of good fats so having this avocado date smoothie is not only good for you and delicious but it will keep you satiated.
  1. Mini bacon guacamole cups
    Mini bacon guacamole cups. What else do I need to say? These are hand held cups of heaven. Crispy bacon topped with creamy gucamole. I assure you, you could and will eat A LOT of these!

paleo recipe mini avocado bacon cups

Photo credit: 365 Days of Bacon

  1. Mango avocado salsa
    Mango and avocado are two ingredients that when put together will make you salivate! This mango avocado salsa topped on top of an Atlantic salmon is the flavour of summer!
  1. Sweet potato and avocado eggs scramble
    This dish is a colourful dish that doesn’t leave you disappointed in the flavour component. With avocado, vegetables and egg this dish is full of the vital nutrients that are needed.
  1. Eggs Benedict with avocado sauce
    This altered version of the classic eggs Benedict is surely going to turn heads. Using a woven square of bacon to replace the muffin and a creamy avocado sauce on top of the poached egg instead of the hollandaise sauce this is definitely one that will impress.
  1. Avocado mayo
    What could you do to make paleo mayonnaise 100% tastier and better for you? Add avocado! This avocado mayo accompanies anything and everything to add that delicious creamy flavour.
  1. Chocolate avocado pudding
    Chocolate avocado pudding! The superfood; avocado gives this dish the creamy texture and added health benefits. A guilt free dessert so healthy that in fact you should feel guilty if you don’t eat it!


Photo credit: The Pretty Bee

  1. Creamy chocolate avocado smoothie
    This creamy chocolate avocado smoothie is a must try. A healthier version of a chocolate smoothie, this a perfect smoothie for breakfast.
  1. Creamy paleo avocado pesto
    This versatile dish can be used as a sauce, a dip or an accompany to anything else if your wish is to add flavour.
  1. Chocolate avocado pudding pop
    These chocolate avocado pudding pops are perfect for a summers day or as treat for you and your kids. Little do they know they are actually full of healthy hats and essential vitamins and minerals!
  1. Paleo fudgy avocado brownies
    This paleo fudgy avocado brownies are decadent and gooey! Perfect for when you want that chocolate hit and when I mean hit this will bowl you over! You won’t regret trying these!

P.S. Have a look at the Paleo Recipe Book. This is an amazing cookbook that has over 370+ healthy real food recipes. This recipe book is a must have for anyone that is looking to lose weight and to live a healthier, disease free and longer life.


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