32 Mouth Watering Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Paleo breakfast recipes

The paleo lifestyle sometimes can be a little restrictive however the foods that we consume are nutritious and incredibly healthy for us. Paleo may be restrictive when it comes to most meals, but makes up for it during breakfast time where there are a huge range of different recipes that you can whip together in a flash!

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Paleo breakfast casserole with sweet potatoes
Sick of your usual bacon and eggs for breakfast but having trouble racking your brain of what else you can eat that tastes as good and is as fulfilling. Try this delicious paleo casserole dish. Filled with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and protein it will keep you full and satisfied.

Paleo zucchini frittata guest post
Spice up your usual breakfast egg for a delicious paleo zucchini frittata that will stimulate those taste buds. This recipe is perfect for when you are on the go, as you can make it the night before.

Grain free paleo breakfast cookie
These paleo breakfast cookies are so simple to make, delicious and healthy. Perfect for those mornings when you’re running out the door.

Cinnamon vanilla paleo muffins
Cinnamon, yum. Vanilla, yum. Paleo, check! These cinnamon vanilla paleo muffins are delicious morning breakfast for when your in a hurry or with a cup of coffee.

Apple, leek & bacon breakfast sausage
These apple, leek and bacon breakfast sausages are jam packed with fresh herbs and spices that make these patties so tantalizing.

paleo apple leak breakfast recipe

Photo credit: And He We Are

Paleo breakfast burrito
Thought breakfast burritos were a thing of the past? This burrito is so tasty, you will be making again and again. The combination of the protein rich eggs and of veggies full of antioxidants this paleo breakfast burrito is full of good nutrients that will keep you going all day.

Easy paleo pie
This easy paleo pie contains breakfast sausages, bacon, sweet potato and egg. Those hearty ingredients make it so tasty and filling while supercharging brain function, just what everyone needs in the morning.

Paleo breakfast casserole
This hearty paleo breakfast casserole is delicious and will definitely keep you satisfied throughout the day. Full with wholesome vegetables such as zucchini, squash, mushrooms, broccoli and baby spinach this casserole is jam packed with nutrients and flavour.

Paleo eggs benny
Paleo eggs benedict is our favourite breakfast dish here at eatlivelife. However, finding a paleo version is tricky business. Holly and Raj have come to the rescue with their delicious paleo eggs benedict. A must try!

Sweet potato walnut breakfast cookies
This sweet potato walnut breakfast cookie is delicious. Try adding in different ingredients to mix in if you don’t feel like to chocolate chips for breakfast, it is easily adapted. Remember if you are looking for this to be 100% paleo don’t forget to remove the peanut butter chips and to use dark chocolate or pure chocolate chips.

Paleo blueberry scones
These paleo blueberry scones taste as good as they look. Made with cashews and arrow root powder these scones are completely paleo. A must try for a healthy, delicious breakfast scone.

Hearty paleo breakfast skillet
This hearty paleo breakfast skillet is so yummy! This dish can be easily altered to different types meat and vegetables so can easily accommodate what your pantry offers.

Paleo breakfast skillet

Photo credit: Bare Root Girl

Loaded paleo breakfast hash
This loaded paleo breakfast hash is packed with sweet potato, peppers, spinach, tomato, bacon, chicken sausage and topped with a sunny side up egg. Delicious. A must try.

Salmon eggs benedict
These salmon eggs benedict will have you drooling. Using a salmon patty as the base layered with avocado, smoked salmon, topped with a poached egg and drizzled with the stunning hollandaise sauce this is a recipe you will want to keep! A delicious breakfast meal that will give you a nice dose of omega 3 to start your day. 

Baked tomato & egg breakfast
This baked tomato and egg breakfast is easy to prepare and healthy. Delicious along side some crispy bacon this is the perfect paleo breakfast combo that doesn’t leave you wanting bread.

Paleo twice baked breakfast sweet potatoes
Paleo twice baked breakfast sweet potatoes. Delicious. Mouth-watering. A must try.

The breakfast salad
A salad for breakfast? Surely that won’t keep you satisfied till lunch? This breakfast salad will, loaded with breakfast sausage, eggs, cherry tomatoes, purple onion, avocado, lemon juice and parsley. The avocado mixes with the eggs to create a natural creamy dressing. A delicious meal that you will love.

Fluffy coconut pancakes
Finding a good paleo pancakes recipe can be difficult. These fluffy coconut pancakes are just that, fluffy! Made with coconut flour these pancakes are a healthy paleo alternative to the much loved pancake.

Paleo banana pancakes
These light and fluffy pancakes are also made this coconut flour. However with the addition of banana gives these pancakes a delicious flavour.

Kale and bacon frittata

Kale and bacon is a delicious combination. Kale is a superfood, high in calcium, antioxidants and iron it is considered a nutritional powerhouse. Incorporating more kale in your diet with this yummy kale and bacon frittata for breakfast is a good start.

Paleo chicken scotch eggs
Wanting a protein hit in the morning to keep you going? You can’t go past these paleo chicken scotch eggs! Delicious hard boiled eggs wrapped with chicken and a number of mouth-watering spices. Yum!

paleo breakfast Scotch-Eggs recipe

Photo credit: The Healthy Foodie

Smoked salmon eggs stuffed avocados

This recipe has everything that you want. It’s easy to make, delicious and doesn’t have too many ingredients! In fact you only need 3 ingredients not including the garnishes to make this scrumptious smoked salmon eggs stuffed avocados. Definitely one to try asap!

Kale and eggs benedict
Starting your day with kale and eggs is a great. Getting the protein from the egg and vitamins and nutrients from the kale can kick start you and this kale and eggs benedict is a delicious combination of both important ingredients.

Paleo kitchen pumpkin waffles
Delicious paleo waffles? Yes please! These paleo pumpkin waffles are scrumptious, served with maple syrup you will love it. 

Paleo sausage egg mcmuffinThe classic paleo sausage egg mcmuffin is always a winner but try this paleo twist on the old favourite and you will be converted. Using egg as the muffins you will love it.

Portobello mushroom benedict with sriracha hollandaise
This portobello mushroom benedict with sriracha hollandaise sauce is a delicious paleo option that everyone will love for breakfast.

Salmon eggs benedict
These salmon eggs benedict will have you drooling. Using a salmon patty as the base layered with avocado, smoked salmon, topped with a poached egg and drizzled with a stunning hollandaise sauce this is a recipe you will want to keep! A delicious breakfast meal that will give you a nice dose of omega 3 fatty acids to start your day. 

Egg and zucchini breakfast toastada
This recipe looks good, but trust me it tastes better! Try this egg and zucchini breakfast toastada you won’t be disappointed.

Paleo breakfast pizza
Pizza for breakfast?! This paleo breakfast pizza is loaded with tomatoes, sweet potato, peppers and kale making it a healthy delicious choice.

Vanilla French toast casserole
Paleo toast cubes topped with sweet vanilla, cinnamon batter create this delicious vanilla French toast casserole. A seriously yummy breakfast meal.


  1. Salads for breakfast? Heck yes! I make them all the time.

    Lots of veggies with some protein, topped off with homemade oil + vinegar dressing makes an EXCELLENT breakfast choice.

    Thanks for this fantastic line-up of options. They all look delicious.


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  3. Green Earth Dancer

    One of my favorite paleo breakfasts is hard boiled egg mashed with guacamole and served on top of sweet potato hash browns. Mmm!

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