Myth Or Truth: 3 Common Beliefs About Detox

detoxification for weight loss
Detoxing my body has changed my body and life. I have not only lost 40 pounds of fat, became full of energy, but have also healed all my health issues.

Now I’m on a mission to spread the word and teach others how they can achieve the same: lose weight, become healthier, lighter, more energetic and confident in their own skin. Therefore, I have created the 4-Part FREE Weight Loss Video Training Series.

When it comes to detox, there is so much misinformation and so many myths out there, that I’d like to look closer at the 4 most common beliefs about detox.

  1. We must detox in order to be healthy.

Myth or truth? Truth

Although some people claim that our bodies are equipped with their own natural detoxification system and that we don’t need to do anything extra, it would only be true if we lived in a wild tropical environment with no pollution and ate only organic plant-based foods all the time.

The problem is that our bodies were not designed to live in the modern environment with soil, water and air pollution, processed chemically altered foods and the stresses of modern day lives. Therefore, we need to support our bodies’ natural detoxification systems and give them a break from time to time.


  1. You have to juice fast in order to detox.

Myth or truth? Myth

This is a very common belief, yet it’s wrong plus it can be very dangerous, especially for beginners. If you jump from an unhealthy diet straight to juice fasting, your body starts releasing toxins from your tissues too rapidly, at a pace that your elimination organs cannot handle. Therefore toxins accumulate in the bloodstream and get redistributed throughout the body. This process is called autointoxication and may seriously harm your health and damage your vital organs. If you get a headache, nausea or weakness when you’re fasting, that’s a sign of autointoxication.

you come from a poor diet and you have a history of eating processed foods, wheat and dairy. These foods clog your colon, and you need fiber to clear it up.


  1. Detox is some temporary torturous event

Myth or truth? Myth

Many people believe that detox is something you do for 5 days, a week or 21 days. Something extreme, torturous, that requires willpower, yet it’s temporary. This belief is here for a reason! Because extreme cleansing programs like juice fasting, water fasting or the “Master Cleanse” are indeed torturous and require lots of willpower.

Good news is that it’s not even necessary, but these extreme regimes often do more harm than good to the body, as they cause too much stress, autointoxication and binge eating once the program is finished.

Detox is not something you do for a while, and then go back to your old habits. No, detox should be a way of life, it’s a lifestyle. And it can be absolutely delicious and enjoyable! And that’s exactly what I teach you in the Lovetarian Detox video training series. So don’t forget to sign up and get instant access to watch the videos.

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