Slurping Green Smoothies for 30 Days: Could You Do It?

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The kids are going back to school. Although there is no need for new pencil crayons now that the IPad is the only school supply, there is still that fresh-start feeling. In your life as an adult, one way to start anew is with your health.

Social media may have kept you abreast of green smoothies. Another less appetizing name that they go by is schmuice. You take ingredients that might have only made contact with a juicer and you introduce them to your blender. Blender: meet kale. Kale: blender. And then you see if they can make friends (with the help of fruit, nut milks and superfoods. No one likes a first date with too many expectations).

No matter how many fruits and vegetables you are getting in your day, green smoothies are a fantastic way to get more. The problem is that you might have to experiment a little. What ratio of green can you handle without having to feel like a health martyr? After all, life is hard enough as an adult without stripping yourself of potential deliciousness.

This is where technology is amazing. The health and wellness team behind tuja wellness has a green smoothie challenge that runs this September 1-30. Every day in your inbox, you get a new smoothie recipe. Recipes come from the health warriors in your community. You know: those juiceheads who look so vibrant you get a little annoyed from time to time.

This challenge makes it easy: you are given the grocery list of produce days in advance, so you don’t need to find substitutions at the last minute. You don’t have to get bored of the same recipe, nor figure out that three cups of spinach in the morning just isn’t your bag. This is when the Internet deserves a round of applause.

What will happen to you when you have 30 days of superfoods? What will happen when your energy is coming from whole foods rather than caffeine and sugar? There’s only one way to find out…are you up for it? We triple dog dare you.

Participants are automatically entered to win a Blendtec Designer 725 smoothie, which is like upgrading from a used Honda to a brand spanking new Lamborghini.

If you want to check out the 30 day smoothie challenge, please click here.

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