How finding myself allowed me to find the love of my life!

How finding myself allowed me to find the love of my life!
Let me ask you some questions before we begin. Have you ever been in a negative relationship before? Did you stay in that relationship from fear of being alone?

Do you strongly desire being adored and loved and in a safe relationship filled with joy and happiness? We all do! However, sometimes we just do not believe we deserve that great relationship and we do not know how we will ever manifest that great love into our lives.

I am here to share with you my story and how I went from spending a decade dating the wrong men and staying in toxic relationships from fear of being alone to finding the love of my life.

Often we are told that we can “Manifest our soul mate in 21 days” or “Find your soul mate in 14 days by following 5 simple steps”. Yes, this may work for some people, however, my experience of finding love took reconnecting with myself and discovering my value before I manifested my great love.

Where my journey began.

I fell in love with the author Louise Hay and read her book titled “You can heal your life” and boy did I heal my life. I learned from Louise that, “The thoughts we think and the words we speak are constantly shaping our world and our experiences”. This information was very confronting because I did not want to accept that I attracted all of my past negative relationships into my life.

As I allowed this information to sink in I realised that yes, I absolutely manifested those toxic relationships into my life. I realised that I had suffered from a low self esteem, low confidence and that I truly believed that is all I deserved. Once, I allowed this information to surface, I then began a beautiful journey of change and growth which lead me to attracting the love of my life.

I would love to share with you in 4 steps how you can reconnect with yourself to build and brighten yourself up to your highest self. When you are confident and really connected with yourself, you will never allow negative people into your life again because you will only accept love.

1. Talk to yourself as you would someone you loved!

Sadly, most of us can go through life berating ourselves and putting ourselves down with unkind and unloving words. This negative self talk will keep you stuck and will not allow you to feel safe and connected with yourself. Begin by saying to yourself “I love and approve of you, just as you are”. Say this over and over in your mind throughout the day…for the rest of your life! Each time that a negative thought comes to mind, replace it with a loving and kind thought!

2. Meditate.

Meditation is where you will find your beautiful self and in time you will love what you find…trust me! When you meditate, you are taken to a calm place that is safe and secure. You not only relax in this state, however, you connect with your soul. Sit quietly, close your eyes, relax and breath deeply. With each inhale, draw in words of love and with each exhale, release toxic words from your mind and body. It is lovely to sit in this meditative state for 5 – 10 minutes a day. After each meditation session you will feel filled with only love.

3. Forgive those who have hurt you.

The ‘F’ in forgiveness is Freedom. Forgiveness is a special gift that you can give yourself, this gift allows you to open your heart to love, and live each day with a clean slate. When you forgive someone, you will feel lighter and less burdened. Who is it in your life that needs forgiveness? You do not have to discuss this with them, this is a private journey for you. Forgiveness can be challenging, so a kind and gentle way to begin is just by saying, “I am willing to forgive _______” and include their name. If they enter into your mind throughout the day, simply say, “I am willing to forgive ______”.

Often, we do not know how to forgive and we cannot comprehend how one day in the future there will be forgiveness where anger and pain once lived. However, when you simply say that you are willing to forgive, you will find that your heart softens and heals.

4. Value yourself.

This is such an important topic when it comes to building self confidence and loving yourself. It is such a simple task, however, often overlooked because of its simplicity. Each day write down 3 things that you value about yourself. At first, you may find this challenging, however, in time it will become easy for you. When you begin to see all the many wonderful things that make you special and different from everyone else, you will begin to feel confident. You will begin loving yourself and releasing negative beliefs about yourself. I would recommend doing this exercise for 40 days and after this time, simply tell yourself as you are drifting off to sleep what you valued about yourself that day.

Start today!

If you begin with these 4 steps listed above, you will be on your way to a beautiful journey of self discovery and growth. When I first started loving myself all the negativity in my life melted away and was replaced with love. Negative relationships and friendships ended and I only allowed love into my world. My life is now joyful, loving, and positive, and your life will be too!

This journey is worth your commitment and you will manifest great things and people into your life when you first learn to love yourself. If you want to manifest the love of your life into your world then follow and commit to the steps above. You can and will have a wonderful life, because after all, we are all born for greatness and to have a spectacular life!

Sending you love and energy on your journey.

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