Eating for brain function – how to eat for optimal brain function

Eating for brain function
Everyone is very concerned with weight loss and disease prevention in which they should be. However people often forget just how connected EVERYTHING is in our bodies. I went gluten free in 2012 for the reason of bodily appearance. My stomach was distended from leaky gut syndrome most likely due to eating gluten and processed sugars. I cut out the processed foods and gluten and something unexpected happened. I didn’t feel like a zombie anymore.

Sometimes you don’t even realize something is wrong until it is corrected. For the past year prior to being ‘processed food free’ I felt exhausted daily. I woke to glassy eyes, a kind of weird mucus forming in my eyes that made my vision blurry. Every morning at work I just wanted to pass out on my desk. I thought, “I must just be getting old, this is just what happens in life.” (I was in my 20’s). Oh and by 3pm forget it! You might as well just have dug my grave, I felt DEAD. And my memory… wait what was I writing about again… oh yea… that went down the drain too. My diet was the normal SAD diet and I was highly addicted to SUGAR. The best way to describe it was that I felt drugged.

Since cutting out the white sugar, dairy and gluten I feel ALIVE! The mucus in my eyes is GONE. I no longer feel like a zombie in a daze of life. My thoughts are clear and focused. My 3pm dive bomb to the grave is basically gone.

Recently I also started to include even more water in my diet. Water scares me, as I don’t want to run to bathroom every 5 minutes. Therefore each morning I drink 24 oz of room temperature water, since I have been doing that I have noticeably seen an improvement in my memory. Your brain needs water to live! Imagine your brain being shriveled up and dying of thirst if all you’re feeding it is drying coffee and red wine? It needs water to function. – water your brain and watch it thrive!

I also want to note that you should be listening to your body’s cues. So many websites say to drink water with lemon. Well for me, that was even more drying. I kept on drinking the lemon water for months until I had enough.  I used to take everything I read about diets and benefits of food to heart and forgot that all our bodies are different. Don’t ignore your body for as long as I did! Stop and listen to it.

I always see the look of surprise when people ask me why I am gluten free and I tell them for brain function. They say, “wow really” and order a pizza. Maybe one day the world will appreciate the body they received. Hopefully sooner than later because our future depends on our children and we should stop drugging them with sugar and gluten.

I really want to encourage you to go sugar and gluten free. Some might say, “I am not celiac, my stomach doesn’t hurt with gluten, I am not allergic”. I say to that, “are you sure? Have you ever been off the “drug” of gluten and white sugar to see the difference?” Try it. For the week, for a month.. Stop letting commercial food companies drug you.

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