How not to let Your Doubts Take over your Life

How not to Let Your Doubts Take over your Life
Many of us hold beliefs about ourselves which we may or may not be aware of, but they run our lives nonetheless. For instance, we might find ourselves avoiding certain careers, people, or situations, due to faulty perceptions we have regarding our intellect or personal talents.  Similarly, we might dismiss great opportunities, believing that the task at hand is not within our capabilities, or believing negative messages received as a child, which we internalized as fact.

Unfortunately, these messages become habitual thought patterns that are such a part of us that they seem true and unchangeable. However, because our beliefs are learned, they can be unlearned as well. This is good news, as having this awareness can allow us to generate more constructive thoughts, and cease listening to disempowering ones. The way we think on a daily basis is critical toward the manifestation of our dreams.

Although our thoughts seem to be running on auto pilot, we have an enormous amount of control over the way we speak to ourselves. We can choose daily to stop letting our doubts and fears affect our worthiness, by reframing any negative messages we receive. For example, by consistently turning the phrase “I can’t” into “I can”, we begin to train our mind in a new way. This strengthens the belief in ourselves, and helps us to diminish our doubts.

However, no matter how self-evolved we may be, it is not unusual to experience occasional bouts of negativity, and self-doubt. During these times, it can be easy to give up, and start questioning the attainment of our goals. We might even begin comparing ourselves to others, and start thinking they are more talented, lucky, or better than we are in some way, which often leads to self-sabotage.

Fortunately, through personal awareness, we can resume our positive mindset rather quickly, by remembering to stop believing everything we think. Additionally, we can start looking at those we admire, and be inspired by their achievements rather than intimidated. We can say “I can do that too,” by having faith, taking action, and following their example.

As such, below are some ideas to contemplate, and action steps to consider that helped me immensely:

  1. Envision what you want. Before writing my book, The Right Relationship Starts with You, I had some disempowering thoughts that told me it would be too time consuming or too hard to write a book. In spite of those thoughts, I began to visualize a book with my name on it, and created a mock cover to fit over an existing paperback I owned. Then, I placed that book near my computer, and looked at it each day, which inspired me to keep writing until it was completed.
  1. Write it out. Similarly, during my single days, I visualized myself in a happy and healthy relationship. In a journal, I wrote out the characteristics I desired in a partner, using great detail to describe his character, personal growth aspirations, and how our relationship would look. Eventually, I did meet and marry that man who I am happily married to today. I felt I was guided toward someone that matched my written picture, and led away from those who didn’t.
  1. Meditate. Setting aside quiet time each day has brought clarity to my goals. In the silence of meditation, I was able connect with my desire to run personal growth workshops, and mindfulness classes. Doing this introspective practice creates an inner environment conducive for receiving inspired thoughts, and ideas of the next right actions to take. Ultimately, I was intuitively led to my involvement with A Mindfulness Life Center which recently opened, and I was a part of creating.
  1. Follow success. I have modeled what successful people do without copying them. I’ve persevered by being opened minded, and willing to try new processes, instead of rigidly following one path. This has led to finding new ideas and ways of using my time more effectively through others triumphant examples.

Many of the people we admire today had to overcome limiting beliefs as well, which gives us motivation to courageously face our own obstacles, and know we’re not alone. By focusing on what is possible, and what we wish to create, instead of how it isn’t going to work out, and why it isn’t possible, is a huge shift in reconditioning our mind, and life.

A great deal of stress and anxiety can be avoided when we believe that only good lies before us, and trust that we will be divinely guided toward what is in our best interests. Enjoy the journey!

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