4 Tips on How and Why You Should Cleanse Your Liver

how and why detox your liverEvery day of our lives we are exposed to millions of unnatural toxins.  Whether it is exhaust from a car engine on our walk or the perfume lady at the department store asking us to “try out the newest scent”- we put our bodies in jeopardy.  Of course, unless we are living in a remote toxin-free location, these exposures are bound to happen.  The pleasant thing is that precautions can be taken to detoxify our bodies which then jet-set us into a more energized and purified state of well-being. One of the best precautions you can take is cleansing your liver.

Cleansing the liver is vital and necessary for the body to maintain a well balanced immune system. The liver is one of the only organs in our bodies with the ability to completely rejuvenate itself, which most people are unaware of. Because our livers take on a heavy burden from environmental toxins, I recommend doing a gentle liver cleanse a few times a month. The best way to do this is by making a simple juice recipe and allowing your body optimal absorption by consuming this “detox drink” first thing in the AM on an empty stomach.

Let’s touch on four key recommendations on how you can help to keep your liver clean.

1.  Eat foods that love the liver

Wake up in the morning and be sure to make fresh fruits or dark, colorful veggies the very first thing you consume.  It’s fine if you enjoy organic eggs or sprouted toast but please have these foods within 30 minutes following the above suggestion. When you consume fresh juice or a smoothie first thing in the AM, this creates a protective antioxidant- rich barrier in preparation for the more acidic foods to come. My favorite liver detox drink concoction can be found HERE.

2.  Avoid fatty foods

French fries may be potatoes but they are still fried in grease! Oil heated past a certain degree turns rancid and become carcinogenic. Stick to foods like celery with vegan dip or sliced honey-crisp apples with raw nut butter. Little adjustments in the diet make a huge difference down the line, especially when it comes to the health of your body’s liver. Preparation is key, so be sure to shop ahead of time when you know temptations will rear their trans-fatty head.

3.  Diet and Vitamin C for anti-aging

The liver is key to our over all health, including how we look. Once you clean out the liver you will feel fantastic. Many of my clients experience clear skin, a thinner waist and a surge of energy just by making a weekly drink in collaboration with better dietary choices. All these things play a role in how you look and the rate at which you will show signs of aging. Also, the vitamin C content in my liver detox drink creates cell turn over which is ideal for visually turning back the clock.

4.  Consume milk thistle

Milk thistle is a wonderful supplement used to help support the liver. In addition to the liver, studies have been revealed that show this plant also has the power to halt the progression of lung  cancer. You can purchase milk thistle in a tea or capsule form. I prefer the tea, as it tastes like a creamy bowl of oatmeal and smells amazing as well. I suggest adding a spoonful of local raw honey and re-placing your coffee with this tea for a healthful and healing alternative.

Begin to think of detoxifying your liver as a peaceful, rejuvenating experience and you will start to reap the benefits of total body health. For a deeper more intense liver detox, please look into a liver-cleansing kit. These kits are used for a longer duration and can pull out old stagnant residue from deep within the body. Typically, a very strict diet is followed throughout the cleanse.

For more healthful living tips, please visit my blog: QueenofGreen.

Happy liver cleansing!

Xo- QoG

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