10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga Daily

Yoga health benefits

Yoga is an ancient discipline which originated from India around 5,000 years ago that is composed of various poses, stretching, meditation and breathing exercises. Even though this routine is not as strenuous as other exercise programs, it can still provide numerous benefits to the body. In addition, practicing yoga is also a good way to keep one’s mind relaxed and calm. In this post, you will learn the top reasons why you should start a daily yoga practice and get all bendy.

  1. Keeps your hips, hamstrings, and other parts of your body flexible. Having a flexible build can help reduce back pain and can promote proper alignment of the thighs and shin bones. Keeping flexible most particularly in your hamstrings frees up tension throughout your quadriceps and knees, preventing the risk of injury.
  2. Keeps your muscles firm and strong. When you visit the gym and lift weights, you make your muscles stronger at the expense of flexibility. Through yoga, you can enhance both strength and flexibility at the same time. Yoga would be a fantastic option for athletes and bodybuilders alike as it does give you more muscle mobility and prevents injuries from occurring.
  3. Some poses which incorporate the shoulders and legs keeps your nervous system relaxed. It activates the parasympathetic system to produce feelings of balance and calmness. This balance and calming effect acts as a great stress relief. Do some yoga when things are getting a bit crazy to centre yourself.
  4. Improves immunity. Thanks to yoga stretches that contract muscles, the lymphocytes that help defend our body from toxins can travel faster. Yoga helps the lymphatic system to start moving, enabling your body to flush out any nasty toxins.
  5. Helps us feel energized. If you suddenly feel too weary and tired in the middle of work, poses like the downward dog can keep blood flow well circulated in the brain and body. This will help you be more physically and mentally rejuvenated.
  6. Improves sleep patterns. Research has shown that doing 45 minute yoga poses on a daily basis can help insomniacs sleep better.  It helps your body release tension so you can sleep more deeply.
  7. Develops bone strength.  Certain yoga postures like the Downward – and Upward-Facing Dog requires you to lift your own weight. This weight-bearing routine helps fortify bones and prevent you from acquiring osteoporosis.
  8. Reduces cortisol levels. High amounts of cortisol in the body can pose certain risks to our immune system and psychological well-being. It can lead to depression, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Regular yoga practice can lower our cortisol to keep us healthy.
  9. Keeps your spine disks supple. Doing regular back bends, forward bends, and spinal twists can make your spinal disks more flexible. This will help efficiently distribute nutrients in the body and also reduce the risks of acquiring spinal disc herniation.
  10. Every time you practice yoga, your joints move in their full range of motion. If your joints are active, you can keep degenerative arthritis at bay. It also keeps your cartilage well-nourished.

By regularly practicing yoga, you can ensure that your body will be fit and in top condition. Yoga will also help boost your immune system and reduce the risks of acquiring certain illnesses. However, every kind of exercise should be paired with a balanced diet. Keep in mind to still eat healthy so that your fitness program will be highly effective.

Has Yoga helped you in anyway? Let us know below.

Stay well and stay mindful

~ Merwin


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