5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne Once and For All

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We all know someone that has been affected by acne through their teen years and even some people that have not managed to get rid of it completely through their adult years. Treating acne is something people have been trying to perfect through the years. Sure you can go to your nearest drugstore and buy the first ointment that has Benzoyl Peroxide on the label to save you all the trouble of countless hours of research on the internet. However, over-the-counter medicines obviously have their drawbacks. It could affect your skin in way it was never intended to and there are numerous negative side effects that occur when using quick fix pharmaceutical “cures”. There are many products out in the market which do work for others but for some, they still opt for the natural solutions.

For one thing, most of the items needed for a natural remedy can be found in the kitchen or pantry. This just doesn’t require OTC medicines but it can also get to the root cause rather than just slapping man made products on your face.

1: Lemon Juice

Soak cotton with lemon juice and lightly rub it on your face. It will dry up the pores and fix the redness on the face. Another way to use lemon juice is to add it to warm water and drink it as soon as you wake up. Lemon is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has the ability to flush out toxins from the body, more in particular the liver and kidneys.

2: Raw Honey

First, buy honey that has raw or unpasteurized on the label to make sure you’re getting the right kind. Use about two tablespoons of honey, use a honey such as Manuka honey which has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, add a little water with the honey to make it pliable then massage on the affected area. Honey not just moisturizes the skin, it’s also ideal for those who have sensitive skin. Leave the honey on your face for about 12 minutes.

3: Tea Tree Oil

If you’re thinking it’s for a full body massage, you’re wrong. Tea Tree oil is more potent than most other oils so using Q-Tip to apply the oil in the affected areas is recommended.

4: Aloe Vera

This is an ideal example of natural medicine. Aloe Vera is a natural anti-fungal which is basically the sticky clear gel like flesh of an Aloe plant. Find an aloe “leaf” cut in half to expose the gel and apply directly onto your skin.

5: Healthy Eating

Changing your diet can be one of the best things to do when treating acne. Cut out processed food, grains, sugars and processed oils. These foods have a high rate of being extremely inflammatory to the gut. Removing these inflammatory foods will give you an idea of which foods are causing your acne to breakout. Start incorporating these foods slowly back into the diet, and be patient. They will reveal which one of them is the real culprit. Cutting out processed junk all together is the way to go. Try this and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

6: Raw Apple cider vinegar

Organic raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is a powerful natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Acne has been linked to poor gut health, this poor gut health then manifests on the face as acne. Controlling gut health by using an anti-inflammatory probiotic such as ACV will go a long way in curing your acne. Use around a shot of ACV to about a glass of water, you can add lemon and chia seeds to the drink if you wish, then drink it once to twice daily until you’re acne resides. You can also use ACV (diluted in water) and dab it with some cotton to use as a toner on your face, this helps with acne scars and controls new breakouts.

Things to remember:

-Acne doesn’t care about race, sex, age. It could hit you as early as a teenager, a young adult and even way beyond that.

-Get a good night’s sleep. Rest relaxes the mind and body and promotes overall wellness.

-Don’t forget to exercise and improve total body wellness.

Please feel free to share this post to someone that is suffering from acne, I really hope it helps someone!

All the best

–      Merwin



Photo Credit: Nathan O’Nions


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