10 Characteristics of Highly Creative People

Highly Creative people

Creative people are often misunderstood, they often seem different in eyes of the “mainstream” and have been known to have rather quirky attributes, and they are flamboyant and often boisterous. Sometimes creative people come across as rude or anti-social and this isn’t often the case, many creative people are introverts by nature and rather prefer being by themselves or with a small group of friends – they often avoid large social settings. Being natural introverts, creative people tend to very observant they use their senses and draw from their past experiences to formulate ideas. Creative people consist of movers and shakers, and have attributes of extra-ordinary mindsets. Let’s look at some quintessential characteristics of highly creative people.

  1. Flexibility – This is one of the characteristics of highly creative people in which they think of many different possibilities and outcomes to solve problems and challenges. This means that that they are constantly looking for ways on how to come up with the best solutions to problems.
  2. Expressive – Creative people express themselves through their creative mediums, whether it’s pen to paper or brush to canvas, creative people have an innate urge to express themselves through different mediums.
  3. Highly original – creative thinkers have the desire to be out of the box, they always want to push the boundaries and will not settle for second rate ideas. Highly creative people are relentlessly obsessed with the pursuit of being original, and often the relentlessness does pay off. Take Steve Jobs for example, Steve Jobs is arguably regarded as one of the most creative people of recent times, noted for turning upside down the digital music market.
  4. Courageous – Creative thinkers are often courageous and have no fear in expressing their thoughts or emotions. They have a tendency to take large risks and with a burning desire and motivation, more often than not they succeed.
  5. Motivated – creative people are always pushing the boundaries, and this desire requires an iron will and an incredibly powerful motivation to get things done. They often use this motivation to full effect when grossly engrained in problem solving or coming up with innovative and original ideas.
  6. Intense curiosity – Creative thinkers usually are curious people and ask a lot of questions to build a bigger picture for themselves. A tell tale sign of creating thinking is that creative people give particular attention on things around them they draw inspiration from their surroundings.
  7. Problem solvers – creative people are natural problem solvers, they enjoy nothing more than using their creativity to solve problems and to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.
  8. Positive attitude – Being positive is a trait for creative thinkers, being optimistic and positive with a can do attitude leaves creative people ahead of the pack.
  9. Strong determination – It is not that easy to employ creative thinking. It requires a high level of determination. Most creative thinkers have pretty fast speech patterns and movements.
  10. Fearlessness – Noticeably, highly creative people tend to worry little about their actions. Instead, they are far more excited about the concepts and ideas they are exploring.

Being intuitive is one of the distinctive characteristic of highly creative people. They are driven to act by using their intuition and more often than not they avoid conforming to social norms. This is true with artists, they often are non conformist and have a philosophy and mindset from the collective. Not all of us are given the talent of creativity. The good thing is that creativity can be enhanced as long as the person is determined to practice their craft. I believe that creativity can be built upon and nurtured and learnt to be put into full effect.

Are you a creative person? If so what do you do to stay creative?

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–      Merwin



Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

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