Why Exercise is Important for the Body and Mind

5. Exercise

Exercise is one of today’s most neglected activities by many people. Although this is an important activity, many people just don’t have the luxury of time to perform sit ups, push-ups, or even jumping jacks. They are more concerned in working hard to earn money than working hard to stay healthy.

What most people should know is that there are basic exercises that don’t consume much time but can really burn those calories as well as pump those muscles. There are exercise routines that take only up to 10 minutes to finish, but the results can be compared to those who go to the gym. One example of an effective cardio workout is High intensity interval training. High intensity interval training is a type of cardiovascular exercise that requires a person to utilize short bursts of energy followed by a break in between sets. At a high intensity allows the increase of the body’s hormones that allow the body to burn fat more in particular growth hormone. This in-turn uses fat storage as energy.

Basic calisthenics such as squats, push-ups, and sit ups can be performed at a higher intensity with minimal time. The results are the same as with lesser intensity and more number of repetitions. One should remember that an exercise should focus on the intensity of the routine rather than the number of repetitions performed.

The body is not the only one that should benefit from exercise. The mind is also a victim of stress. If the mind cannot benefit from exercise, it may weaken and eventually collapse. The most basic form of exercise for the mind is relaxation and meditation. Every once in a while, the mind should be cleared especially when ideas keep on coming in, and one gets confused. The mind should be emptied to be filled. When the mind experiences frequent exercises, headaches occur less often and one is able to think clearly, resulting in better performance in any activity. An exercise is essential to both the physical and mental aspects of a person.

As always, stay safe, live well, fully and in the moment – embrace life!

~ Merwin

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