Is There Really Such a Thing as Complete Wellness?

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Wellness is defined as the optimal state of well-being that a person desires to attain to maximize his or her potential. Often this is a holistic approach that affects us from every angle imaginable, whether it is our physiological state or our psychological state. Everything we say, do, hear or put in our mouths have a direct correlation with wellbeing. There are six dimensions that have to be taken into account to declare one as being in a sense of wellness. These are:

1.  Emotional:  It is the ability of a person to accept his emotions and limitations in a positive manner.  It includes the person’s ability to cope with daily stresses and maintain good relationships with others.

2. Physical: It involves activities relating to maintaining optimum physical condition.  This is achieved by regular exercise and good nutrition.  It also includes your ability to take care of yourself during minor illnesses and distinguishing this when you need professional medical help.

3. Social:  It is the ability to interact with the people around you.  It also connotes your ability to participate and connect with your community.  This is supported by building social networks and relationships with friends and family.

4. Environmental:  It is the ability to appreciate and understand what is going on around you and how each individual’s roles fit in the general plan of things.  It talks about preserving and protecting our environment and accepting that there are limitations to what is happening.  It seeks to find relationships where disagreeing factions may co-exist.

5. Spiritual:  It involves a person’s values and beliefs that relate to his purpose in life.  It seeks the reason for human existence looking for ways to strike harmony between oneself in relation to the people around them.

6. Mental:  It is the absence of psychological imbalances that may lead to fits of depression, anxiety and over all mental instability. Mental wellness can be influenced by the following factors: a. Biological which may be because of changes in the nervous system as Alzheimer’s or it may be hereditary or may be due to medical treatment b. Social Environment which may be caused by losses either physical like typhoons and earthquakes, or emotional due to a death in the family, stress, or poor financial conditions. With these states of well-being, it would be hard to tell that a person is really 100% well.  At some point in time, each of us suffers a state of poor health.

However, our ability to bounce back and claim our right to a complete sense of well-being is what really matters in the end.

As always, stay safe, live well, fully and in the moment – embrace life!  

Photo Credit: Andreas Ivarsson

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