How to use Affirmations to Improve Anything in your life

How to use ffirmations

What are Affirmations?
Affirmations have been around for quite some time now and have commonly been used in spiritual circles to increase positive thought patterns and to manifest what your heart desires. Affirmations work on the principle that you are whatever you think about most of the time. So for example if you consider yourself a bad writer, you will be exactly that – a bad writer. This old premise rings true in so many different ways. Most people go through their entire lives with negative beliefs and then manifesting negative things into their lives because they truly believe with all their heart in this negative thought pattern. Negative thought patterns are often created at an early age, thoughts, beliefs and ideals are implanted into a child’s mind through listening and observing everything that is going on around them. Unfortunately, this type of “conditioning” is common and is often hard to get rid of. Conditioning leads to people’s own thoughts of inadequacy and limiting beliefs. Affirmations are usually short statements that help you overcome negative thoughts and break the cycle of limiting beliefs. The aim with affirmations is to re-wire negative thought processes and behavioural patterns to positive patterns to change the subconscious mind so that bigger and better things manifest into your life.

What are limiting beliefs
Limiting beliefs are beliefs that have been programmed into someone’s mind. These are thoughts that hold people back in doing something or achieving something great. A limiting belief could be thinking of yourself as being unqualified for a new job you have applied for, but in reality you are the perfect candidate for the position. Limiting beliefs pop up at the most inconvenient of times and often stop us dead in our tracks and often leads us to stop pursuing our dreams or achieving what we think is impossible. To get rid of limiting beliefs we need to replace negative thought patterns with positive thoughts which create a lasting imprint on the sub-conscious mind.

Why use affirmations?
Affirmations are statements that someone can use to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. Affirmations create visualizations in your mind’s eye that that help you think positive thoughts.  Affirmations have been shown to cure depression and increase confidence in people with low self esteem.

When to use affirmations?
There aren’t any particular times that you should use affirmations. But using them when going through a period of self doubt or self sabotage is exactly what they are for. Affirmations can be used throughout the day. There isn’t a set amount of time you should repeat affirmations but the more the merrier. For best effect use affirmations firs thing in the morning right after you wake up and last thing at night just before you go to sleep.

Affirmations can be used when:

  • You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • When you have to focus and get work done
  • Become more confident before a first date or a big presentation
  • When feelings of helplessness sets in
  • When you are feeling depressed
  • When you start to doubt your own abilities

How to use Affirmations
Affirmations can be used in many ways. People have had success in writing affirmations down on paper, while others say it out loud, another way to make good use of affirmations is to listen to positive affirmation audio tracks while asleep or during the day while you are driving or commuting to work. For affirmations to take full effect you need to believe in what you are saying is true, by putting emotion into the affirmation and visualizing how the affirmation will change your life in the long haul.

Follow these steps to creating a positively fortified mindset and begin changing your entire life.

1.       Identify your sabotaging and limiting beliefs

Begin by analysing which areas of your life you would like to improve. This could be “Why can’t I find a girlfriend/boyfriend?”, or “I’m not a good speaker”, or “I don’t have the will power to chase my dreams”. Write down as many as you can as quickly as they pop into your mind. Allow 10 minutes to do this task.

2.       Develop affirmations that cater for these negative beliefs

Now that you have your limiting beliefs down on paper it’s time to start developing affirmations for each of these limiting beliefs. Resist every urge to think it’s not worth the time these are the limiting beliefs that are talking to you now. Pick the most important and self sabotaging limiting beliefs and craft your new affirmations to combat these poisonous thoughts.

Example: “Why can’t I find a girlfriend/boyfriend?”  Turns into: “I will find my perfect girlfriend/boyfriend within no time”.

“I’m not a good speaker” turns into “I am a great presenter and speaker. Speaking is easy for me”.

“I don’t have the will power to chase my dreams” turns into: “I am the manifestation of my dreams. I live my life to achieve every dream imaginable”.

Take action now and write down your new affirmations.

Some time and tested golden oldies

There are numerous affirmations which have stood the test of time. These are the classics that have been repeated over and over again by some of the leading personal development speakers and various highly regarded business people and leaders in their fields to help them change their mindset and their lives.

1. “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”. A slight modification to this affirmation turns it into: “Everyday in every way I am getting happier and happier”.

2. All I need is within me now. You can add on to this one, for example: All the confidence I need is within me now. All the love I need is within me now.

3.       Different ways you can use these affirmations

Affirmations can be written, spoken out loud or even listened to via a recording.

Writing affirmations: If you are writing your affirmations, grab a pen and paper and physically touch pen on paper to write them out. Work on each affirmation repeatedly over and over again. Write these affirmations down into a journal which you use in the mornings just upon waking and just before bed. Write at least one page of affirmations in an A4 notebook, if you are time bound try half a page – if you are REALLY struggling with time, start with 5-10 lines then work your way up making sure never to miss writing in your journal. Writing every single day will have a snowball effect and will help you change your psychology even quicker. Missing a day will set you a step back, and would require you starting all over again for maximum effect.

Repeating affirmations in your mind: This is another way to use affirmations if you are short of time or would like to combine using affirmations with other activities such as walking or jogging. Combining affirmations with exercise such as jogging will anchor the great feeling we have when we exercise to the words that you are repeating in your mind. To make this even more powerful, imagine in your mind’s eye the result of practicing these affirmations. For example if you have a fear of speaking in public imagine yourself confidently speaking in front of a large audience and truly believing that you are doing this with every core of your being. This technique is incredibly powerful, by imagining your dreams you trick your subconscious into thinking that this has really happened, and once this occurs you will be unstoppable.

Speaking out loud: This is another powerful technique even more so than repeating affirmations in your head, by combining spoken affirmations with visualization (imagining) and exercise. Your affirmations become a potent cocktail of techniques which will transform your mindset in no time. If you want to add another level to your affirmations scream it out loud and put your body into it. Punch the air or pump your fists and scrunch your face to get the most out of each affirmation.

Affirmation recordings: There are hundreds of recordings out there that are fantastic to listen to while sleeping. This is another powerful technique to get the message imprinted into your sub-conscious mind. If you are looking for great affirmation recordings have a look here.

Bonus Technique: This is a technique that I have personally used and know of no-one else that has used it (as far as I know). This technique involves using your smart phone to set affirmations to your alarms. Smartphone’s give the option of adding a message to an alarm; this is where this nifty preference comes into play. Set alarms throughout the day with your favourite affirmations on each alarm and space them out during the day so when the alarm goes off you see an affirmation which you will read automatically.

Be persistent and continue using these affirmations and see how quickly your mindset changes

Be persistent and use these techniques singularly or for the most effective use all of them all at once! I personally get up first thing in the morning and go for a jog and speak out loud for roughly 10-15 minutes while visualizing. Once I arrive home I write two pages of affirmations on paper. During the day, my alarm will go off nearly every hour (on silent of course) with attached affirmations on each alarm. Before bed I will write my affirmations in my journal and read them out loud. When I am in bed I will have an affirmations recording playing throughout the night. Seems a bit excessive – but it is the sure fire way to change your entire life! And trust me, it will!

So now you have a wealth of information it’s up to you to elaborate on the points I have mentioned in this post and take it to another level. Begin as soon as you can and don’t delay, take massive action and put this information into good use.

I hope you have gained something valuable from this post, please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Feel free share your experience with affirmations in the comments section below!

Stay Healthy and Happy!

–          Merwin


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