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How to lose weight

Losing Weight Has Never been Easier

Losing weight and regaining your health seems daunting – trust me I know! The constant confusion that comes from all the knowledge out there on the internet and the seemingly limitless amount of books on nutrition, health, weight loss and working out. To get the most out of exercising there are a certain few easy rules that you should abide by. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are looking in the mirror and feeling terrible that you didn’t act earlier. Humans need their backs up against the wall to change their circumstances, don’t be this person. You probably know people that are overweight become obese then develop a totally preventable disease such as diabetes, in more cases than often being at this detrimental stage of health is more than often the last nail in the coffin.

Be the person that takes life by the horns, and calls the shots. These rules are not hard at all, in fact after you have tried this for a week, you will gain momentum and you will be unstoppable! This workout routine consists of 4 different types of exercise, these being: Strength training, walking, yoga, interval training and body weight training. These exercises are not biased, meaning that women can and should incorporate every single one of these exercises to get fitter and healthier. There is no difference between the exercises that men do and what women require – this is just a marketing ploy to sell more weight loss products! Women, don’t be afraid to try these exercises out you will not look bulky or manly – this is due to the lack of testosterone in women, in fact exactly the opposite happens women become more lean and toned.

These four groups cover strength and conditioning, cardiovascular and flexibility. Strength Training WorkoutStrength training workouts are workouts that require some form of resistance, whether the resistance is barbells, dumbbells or resistance bands. These exercises require maximum effort and attention to technique and form. If your form is not correct whilst executing these exercises you run the risk of injury. As always if you decide to try these exercises, we do not accept any responsibility for any misfortune you may have. The ultimate strength training exercises incorporate the most amounts of muscle groups to execute the action.  These exercises also burn the most amounts of calories too.

These exercises are:

Bench press

The bench press is a chest exercise which incorporates the chest muscles (pectorals) and the triceps. This exercise is done on a bench press, with the requirement of a barbell to hold the weight. Remember to try this only if you are confident, start with no weight, just the bar only or even use a fixed barbell for less weight than the bar. See the below video for proper technique – technique and form is key!


Now this exercise works many body parts at the same time, it is a true whole body workout it incorporates laterals (muscles under your arms), lower back, abductors, gluteus maximus (butt), hamstrings, and calves. Although this is an effective movement the deadlift is not to be messed with, like the other strength training exercises mentioned, the deadlift requires extremely good technique to undertake, otherwise there is a large risk of injury.

Shoulder press

The shoulder press as the name suggests is a shoulder exercise which targets the heads of the shoulders.


The squat is a leg exercise which focuses on the glutes (your butt), hamstrings, lower back and quads (your thighs). This is the perfect exercise for ladies wanting to tone their butts, hips and thighs. A tip for women All the above mentioned exercises can be done with a barbell that has a fixed weight, which consists of a smaller and lighter bar. That means you can select a barbell that has a weight that is comfortable for you. If you aren’t yet confident enough to use the Olympic barbell (featured in the videos) feel free to use the fixed weighted bars.

Yoga Workout

Yoga is great for so many things. Yoga promotes flexibility which means that doing yoga prevents injuries. Yoga is known for its stress relief benefits, weight loss benefits and improves almost every common ailment known to man, such as high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, lowers blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of heart disease. It is definitely worth while incorporating into a workout regimen. There are several videos on YouTube which are great for beginners. Check out the yoga for weight loss video below presented by Tara Stiles – an amazing Yoga teacher:

Interval Training Workout

High intensity interval training is another cardiovascular workout which requires a minimum of 4 minutes and has a greater fat burning rate than many of the long distance cardiovascular exercises such as running and bike riding. Interval training works in short bursts of vigorous exercise (80-90% effort level) and short breaks between each exercise. The most common method is the Tabata workout which is 20 seconds on 10 seconds break for 4 minutes in total. The workout can incorporate a number of exercises of focused on one particular exercise such as running or the elliptical machine for everything about interval training check out our interval training guide.

Body weight Workout

Body weight exercises involve just that! Body weight, so anything you pull push or grab by just using your body weight. Best exercises using your body weight are push-ups, bod weight squats, lunges and pull-ups. There are literally hundreds more, you have to find ones that are comfortable for you and aren’t too strenuous (if you are a beginner). Check out the video below for a rough guide on bodyweight exercises: TIP: All the exercises in the above video can be also used as part of an interval training workout.

Juices and Smoothies

Upon waking having a green juice or a green smoothie is a great way to energize your cells and to detoxify your body from the build up of toxins that have accumulated over night.

Active Recovery

Active recovery is a method in which you let your body rest, but incorporate some light to moderate exercise so that your body won’t be impacted while it’s recovering. Keeping active will allow you to continue right into fat burning mode and keep your metabolic levels high.

Soft Tissue Work

Soft tissue work is basically massaging your problematic areas most commonly with the use of a foam roller or even sometimes a tennis ball. The aim of soft tissue work is to roll out the knots that are created after exercising and healing. These knots usually create tension or tightness within your muscles. The role of soft tissue work is to provide more mobility to your joints, by loosening up certain muscles groups – soft tissue work is an amazing way to ensure that you prevent yourself from injury.

What time is the best time to work out?

The earlier the better, research suggests that the best time to take advantage of a high metabolic rate is early in the morning, so basically just after we wake up. It is not unusual to see great results working out first thing in the morning. This also means that you have woken up from sleep and have not yet consumed any calories apart from the green juice, so you will be working off excess calories from the previous day after a fasting period (sleeping) where you had not consumed any food, doing this will send your body into fat burning mode which will last throughout the day. If this is not possible for you aim to work out in the afternoon, perhaps as soon as you finish work. Working out later at closer to bed time can have a detrimental effect on your sleep as adrenaline is still pumping through your system.

What does a weight loss schedule look like?

Below is how all the elements of this post come together, it is designed so that you receive maximum recovery time and incorporates all facets of a holistic exercise regimen. This schedule will have you dropping the pounds in no time.

Monday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk interval training

Tuesday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Yoga

Wednesday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Strength training workout

Thursday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Yoga and light exercise

Friday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Bodyweight workout

Saturday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Strength training

Sunday Green juice or smoothie 30 minute walk Light exercise or soft tissue work

Please Remember: this is a mere guide and we are not medical professionals so please don’t go out and do anything before you consult your doctor. As with any new exercise regime you should know your limits and boundaries – stay safe! We hope that this small guide has given you a good overview of how to schedule your days so that each day is different for maximum results, whether you are building muscle or losing weight – this routine will have you doing both. As always stay well!



Photo credit: CrossFit Fever

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