88 Lessons to live a Happy, Healthy and Long Life

How to live longer
The following 88 nuggets of knowledge have been accumulated over my short period of life (28 years) and have helped me drastically change my life, I have to be so grateful to all the knowledge that I have soaked up from countless books, audio programs and seminars – thank you, and here goes!

  1. Be happy about yourself
  2. Smile whenever and wherever
  3. Earth or ground yourself daily
  4. Use interval training
  5. Attend Yoga classes
  6. Drink lemon water when you get up
  7. Eat less meat
  8. Eat more vegetables and fruits – in that order
  9. Stop eating processed foods!
  10. Think positive thoughts
  11. Use affirmations
  12. Write down your gratitude’s before bed and upon rising
  13. Journal your successes everyday
  14. Meditate daily
  15. Listen to binaural beats
  16. Wake up early
  17. Sit outside
  18. Read a book a week
  19. Work harder on yourself than you work on your job
  20. Get 7-8 hours of sleep
  21. Go for a 30 minute walk EVERY morning
  22. Appreciate everything and everyone around you today
  23. Do one thing that is out of your comfort zone everyday – Walking into an elevator and stand facing people.
  24. Do one good deed a day and work your way up to more
  25. Listen more talk less
  26. Appreciate life’s simpler things
  27. Savour every bite of every meal
  28. Tell people you appreciate them
  29. Tell someone in your family that you love them
  30. Help as many people as you can
  31. Hug people
  32. Find something you love doing and make it your obsession
  33. Don’t give in to other people’s expectations
  34. Don’t live your life according to someone else’s  story
  35. Surround yourself with people that share the same ideals as you, and that can catapult you to greater heights.
  36. Always ask for feedback in everything you do
  37. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing quicker and often allows you to succeed quicker.
  38. Donate some of your earnings to a worthwhile charity
  39. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  40. Spend less than you earn
  41. Pay yourself first
  42. Invest the difference
  43. Give away possessions that you don’t need or don’t have use for
  44. Do not watch, read or listen to the news
  45. Question everything, don’t believe in anything blindly
  46. Never be dogmatic, be open minded to ideals different from yours
  47. If you don’t like your job find another one or change careers
  48. Take time to spend time with your loved ones
  49. Listen to uplifting music
  50. Laugh A LOT
  51. Appreciate the time you have
  52. Worry less about the past it has already happened
  53. Don’t focus on the future, it hasn’t happened yet
  54. Live in the NOW
  55. Set goals
  56. Visualise these goals in your head as if they have already happened
  57. If things aren’t coming along as you expected, don’t give up!
  58. Dream big
  59. Take action, embrace the power of right now.
  60. Trust your gut it is usually right
  61. Do something you love. If you haven’t found it, keep searching!
  62. Get your hardest tasks done first
  63. Make lists and prioritize them
  64. Don’t try to be perfect
  65. Make mistakes and learn from them
  66. Make your life unforgettable
  67. Create new memories often
  68. Watch the sunset
  69. Watch the sunrise
  70. Praise people for the good work they have done
  71. When in an argument with your partner never bring up the past
  72. Never go to bed angry at each other, make amends before you sleep.
  73. Surprise a loved one
  74. Spend more time with your children
  75. Teach your children to meditate
  76. Surround them with unconditional love
  77. Never condemn anybody
  78. Always believe in a second chance
  79. Forgive and forget
  80. Travel as much as humanly possible
  81. Write a book or even an eBook
  82. Give something away for free without expecting anything in return
  83. Do what you love and pursue your passion relentlessly – don’t chase money, money will come once you have mastered the thing you love doing the most.
  84. Aim to be the most upstanding person you know
  85. Control your emotions
  86. Take a random day off work
  87. Spend that day doing something that you have been itching to do in a very long time
  88. Don’t take life to seriously – it is always easier than it seems

I hope there were a couple of lessons in this list that ignited a fire inside of you! If you have any life lessons to add to this list please comment them below.

Have an AMAZING life.

–          Merwin

Photo credit: Marcy Kellar


  1. Sunjie lagdameo

    Thanks so much Melvin for those 88 lessons, am trying my best to live life as you have…. Have a great day!

    • Merwin Davies

      Your welcome! Thank you for the kind words, I am nowhere near perfect – but I am trying! Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely week =)

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