Why is Water is Vital for Health?

34. Water is vital

Water makes up sixty percent of the body and is required for the body to properly function. Therefore it is important to prevent loss of water by drinking water often to keep the body healthy. So, why is water is vital for health?

There are several reasons that drinking water is essential in staying healthy.

Water sustains healthy bodily functions. It aids in regulation of body temperature, digestion and transportation of nutrients to different parts of the body. It also facilitates maintenance of healthy and glowing skin, waters down bodily fluids, and supports the kidney to function properly.

Aside from those, water assists in bringing oxygen, fat and glucose to working muscles. It also helps out in toxin elimination. Water also enhances life expectancy; thus it is highly advisable to a make sure that you are never thirsty because the absence of water in the body can result to constipation and headaches.

Medical experts are recommending drinking more water to individuals who are in the verge of losing some weight because it gives assistance in fat burning. The absence of water prevents the kidney from functioning as it should be. This results to the liver pitching in to help the kidney. While the liver is busy assisting the kidney, lesser fats are burned. The unburned fats are stored and add up extra weight to the body instead of being used as fuel.

In simple words, the absence of enough water in the body can result to the body stocking up fats and water that it does not need. When there is sufficient amount water in the body, the accumulated water is freed. Therefore, the more water is drank the lesser amount of food that is taken in.

It is essential to drink eight to ten glasses daily. Those who do not like water can eat fruit, or drink juice and smoothies instead.

As always, stay safe, live well, fully and in the moment – embrace life!



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