Oxalates – What are they? Is Oxalic Acid a Concern in Juices and Smoothies?

29. Oxalates

Oxalic acid and Oxalates are compounds found in leafy green vegetables. There has been quite a bit of talk recently as to how dangerous Oxalates really are, and the simple answer is no it’s not dangerous at all, Oxalates make up such a small miniscule portion within leafy green vegetables that it is rare that potential side effects will occur while consuming green vegetables.

There are specific nutrients in each fruit that contain a certain chemical. In comparison there is information that led people to believe that apples were toxic as they do contain a very tiny amount of arsenic/cyanide, however this amount of poison will not claim any ill effects to anyone who eats apples. Leafy greens do contain oxalates which act as anti-nutrients; they are basically natural borne defences from bacteria.

Oxalic Acid was thought to create oxalic kidney stones, and Oxalic kidney stones are only created due to apparent kidney problems. There has been no substantial evidence to say that drinking green smoothies or juices with leafy greens can make someone sicker or fatter than they already are. There have been countless testimonials from people that have juice fasted or smoothie fasted up 15 days and even more, not showing any side effects in direct relation to oxalic acid contained within the dark leafy green vegetables.

If you have kidney problems doctors do not recommend foods rich in Oxalates to be consumed, but generally in healthy individuals, the oxalate content of leafy greens, as well as fruits, berries, nuts and seeds will have no detrimental health effects unless foods high in oxalates are consumed in excess.

There have been quite a few misconceptions that have been propagated on the internet and the dangers of oxalates being one of them. There are definitely far WORSE foods out there for you, such as sugar and processed foods, but the focus always seems to change to something that is actually beneficial for you being bashed again and again. For the vast majority of problems this tiny issue can be seen as a way to escape eating or drinking highly nutrient dense foods. This sort of ignorance can spread and luckily there has been a backlash from health food practitioners, G.P.’s, nutritionists and dieticians.

This is another scare tactic that has gone main stream and should be taken seriously.

Don’t take any information on the internet as verbatim including this article I would encourage you to seek the truth on your own by undertaking some extensive research.

To your health and wellness!

~ Merwin

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