5 reasons why you should drink more water (anti-aging)

25. Water Vital Health

How much water should we consume a day? Here are 5 reasons why you should drink more water.

Water is so vital to the human body all life on earth revolves around water and sunlight, without the two we would not have life. Our bodies are made up of 65% water, making it such an important part of our wellbeing, nourishment and life expectancy. Water is passed rapidly through day to day bodily functions such as breathing, sweating and through the passing of urine.

The minimum amount of water that should be consumed each day is ATLEAST 8-10 glasses that’s about 2 litres, we say ATLEAST because there is quite a bit of misinformation concerning water consumption on the internet. Anything over this minimum is still good. There are many scientific sources that point to the fact that active people require as much 13 glasses a day to keep completely hydrated.

Health benefits of water

1.      Detoxifies the body

This reason is important to incorporate into our daily routine. Water is a great detoxifier and drinking water allows the body to flush out toxins and free-radicals.

2.      Helps supercharge the muscles

Maintaining fluid retention within muscles is crucial. De-hydration prevents muscles from fully functioning and result in muscle fatigue. The more hydrated you are the better performance you will see when exercising.

3.      Flushes out the kidney and liver

Again this benefit comes down to detoxification. The body creates excess toxins that are known as blood urea nitrogen. This toxin is passed through the liver and kidneys and excreted through urine. Water helps this toxin mover rapidly through the system helping aid the kidneys to function better and thus pushing out all those unwanted toxins and preventing cell damage at the same time – in turn promoting longevity.

4.      Keeps the Skin Supple

As we mentioned earlier, water is 65% of our body and most of this water storage is used and stored by the largest organ in our body: our skin.  Hydration acts as a lubricant from the inside of the body, nourishing it on the cellular level.

5.      Hydrates the Brain and Prevents Migraines

Brain tissue is made up of 85% water and keeping up hydration is absolutely crucial to brain health and function. Dehydration creates the onset of migraine headaches; simply by drinking more water can prevent migraines from occurring or at least dramatically reduce the onset.

Adding water to your routine

Here are some great tips that we use to add water to your life:

  • Replace your caffeinated drinks with water. Caffeine acts as a diuretic and increases loss of fluid in the body. Simply replace carbonated and caffeinated drinks with a glass of water! To make water more interesting check out our recipes on how to jazz up each thirst quenching glass of water.
  • If you’re thirsty it means that you are dehydrated – as a rule of thumb, avoid this from happening to you by being fully hydrated throughout the day, this means getting your minimum 8 cups of water each day.
  • As most people spend their days working, it is always good to fill up a jug of water to keep at your desk, or to have a glass bottle filled with water to sip throughout your day. EXTRA TIP: use old glass wine bottles to store water! If you’re on the go check out these glass bottles that are perfect for travelling.
  • Have a few glass bottles stored in the fridge ready to grab when you’re about to leave home.

So go out and get a glass bottle fill it up and have it handy by your side. It might just be the hydration boost you have been looking for.

To your health and wellness

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