11 Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

benefits of a strong core

Our core muscles have for most of the time been forgotten but it really plays a very important role in the performance of our daily activities. These are a group of muscles that literally anchor and assist how the rest of our muscles and body work. To gain strength, build muscle or lift more weights we have to focus on our core muscles for that advantage.

Below are the benefits we gain from having a strong core:

  1. It helps us perform our daily functions as efficiently as possible. The core muscles are those that form part of the abdomen, the trunk and the pelvis. As we perform our daily activities like walking, bending, reaching up, or even turning our bodies to look towards our sides, our core muscles support these functions so that there is no undue pressure given to other parts of the bodies.
  2. A strong core enables us to attain good posture. Having a strong core promotes good posture so you do not slouch and put pressure on your lower back.
  3. A strong core supports your upper body as you sit so that there is less strain on the pelvis area which normally results to chronic back aches. If you are constantly sitting, you might want to get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes.
  4. Enables you to perform better at a huge variety of sports. You may want to engage in sports like running, tennis, soccer or other such sports activities that require the coordination of your upper and lower body. Or it may just be as simple as having to play tag with your children. Your core could support your upper body as you bend down, run, or attempt to strike a ball.
  5. A strong core promotes balance and stability. This is a great point for athletes who have to be quick on their feet and who require a lot of darting and rapidly changing positions.
  6. A strong core supports the spine, pelvis and joints so that injuries are prevented when activities involving these parts of the body are used.
  7. A strong core will benefit men who are constantly doing work around the house. These would require climbing up ladders, crouching underneath sinks or bending over to do some gardening. A strong core will support pressure on the upper and lower body so that strain on muscles is reduced.
  8. A strong core improves sports performance. You can jump higher, swing a golf club stronger, and be able to sustain laps better as you get strength from your core.
  9. Exercising your core leads to lean muscle which in turn burns calories.
  10. Core muscle training not only leads to muscle strengthening but to bone strengthening as well. Exercising you muscles gives stress to the bones increasing bone density. In the long run this minimizes injuries.
  11. Since a strong core minimizes injury caused by undue stress on some parts of the body, you are less prone to illness and thus a better longer life with your family. This reason could be the best reason for maintaining core strength. After all, we work hard for our families and it is just as important for us to share the best times of our lives with them.

Core training plays an important role in exercising and training regiments. The core muscles enable people to perform most daily activities, and to maintain good core strength regular exercises must be done on a regular basis.

As always, stay safe, live well, fully and in the moment.

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