7 Stretches That You Can Do On Your Lunch Break


Working in the office can be stressful and tiring but there ways that you can alleviate stress and increase energy by incorporating these 7 stretches that you can do on your lunch break. They are simple and easy to do, so easy in fact that you can incorporate these exercises on a 10 minute break every day.

Lower Back Stretch   

Lower back stretch is one of the stretches that you can do on your lunch break. Stay seated with your feet flat on the floor clutch one side of the chair with both hands while keeping your body straight.  Never slouch and as you turn your head to the direction on the side you clutched, pull slightly until you feel your lower back muscles being stretched.  Repeat on the other side.

Upper Back Stretch

For upper back stretch, you need to extend your arms in front, cross them over, and press you palms against each other.  You need to contract your abdominals and around your back.  Try to reach away as you relax your head.  Imagine that you are over a big exercise ball.  Hold the position for ten to thirty seconds.  If you feel uncomfortable when twisting your arms, then you can just lace the fingers together.

Body Stretch

Lace your fingers together and stretch up your arms towards the ceiling (you can do this either sitting or standing).  Take a deep breath and stretch your arms as high as you can then exhale as you bring your arms back to each side. Do eight to ten repetitions.

The Right Neck Stretch

You need to sit on your chair to do this exercise.  Grab the side of your chair and gently pull while inclining your head to the opposite side.  Feel the stretch down the side of your neck and trapezius and hold for ten to thirty seconds.  Do the same on the other side and for eight to ten repetitions.

Forearm Stretch

The stretches that you can do on your lunch break are all worth the effort and you can do them while sitting or standing.  Stretch out your right arm first with your palm facing the floor then bend your fingers and make them point towards the ground.  Use your left hand and pull your fingers towards you.  Feel the stretch and hold for ten to thirty seconds.  Repeat on your left hand.  Do eight to ten repetitions.

Seated Hip Stretch

In doing this stretch, you need to cross your right ankle over your left knee while keeping your back straight as you sit.  Slowly lean forward while keeping your back straight until you feel a stretch in your right glute as well as your hip.  Hold the position for ten to thirty minutes and do it also on the other side.

The Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs are great stretches that you can do on your lunch break and can make your shoulders relax even for a bit and get some circulation going.  You can do this either sitting or standing.

Keep your back straight and lift or shrug your shoulders up to your ears, squeeze them as hard as you can.  Hold the position for one to two seconds and roll them back to initial position.  Do eight to ten repetitions.

The stretches that you can do on your lunch break are great for relieving pain and stress.  It can refresh the body and mind allowing you to focus on your days tasks.

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