Nutritional Benefits of Eating Green Coconuts

Green Coconuts

Young coconuts are green in color because they have not yet developed a hard brown outer shell. These green coconuts are rich in nutrition content due to its high electrolyte properties. The meat of the green coconut is softer than that of the brown coconut and offers more nutritional benefits one of which being fatty acids.

1. Healing properties

Coconut has antibacterial properties that can treat ulcers, nausea and skin infection. Much of green coconuts nutritional properties are due to its lauric acid content.

2. Medium chain fatty acids

The saturated fat found in green coconuts is made up of medium chain fatty acids that can be converted into energy and can improve longevity by protecting the immune system.

3. Good for raw food diets

People who follow a raw food diet can acquire essential nutritional benefits from green coconuts. These can be added in raw pastas and salads to add texture and flavor to a dish.

4. Boosts metabolism

Coconuts have an amazing boosting effect on the thyroid. An efficient thyroid is important to carry out several health functions like energy production and boosting the metabolism.

5. Cancer fighting properties

Coconut meat is proven to have cancer fighting effects (especially colon and breast cancer). Coconut oil can help protect the body from infection while effectively cleansing the system.

6. Fiber content

Both the meat and water of green coconuts are rich in fiber. This means that green coconuts will help prevent constipation and keep you regular. Dieters who are struggling with cravings are advised to consume coconut meat to help them feel fuller for longer. Dietary fiber is also essential in intestinal health and can help supply high amounts of nutrition.

7. Kidney benefits

Green coconuts can relive pain brought about by kidney stones by fighting nano bacteria and stopping the growth of bad calcium in the kidneys.

Coconuts are a fantastic addition to your diet, try buying young green coconuts from your supermarket or health food store. They are incredibly hydrating and nourishing!

Let us know if you drink or eat coconuts and how you incorporate them into your daily eating routine.

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