6 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Goal Setting to Increase Your Health

9. Goal Setting

You always hear people talk about how they would like to improve their health but more often than not, a number of them do not succeed. Hard work and determination are major factors for one to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The good thing is, you need not suffer as you travel this journey.  Surprisingly, you only have to do little adjustments as you work your way to good health:

  1. You will not be overwhelmed. When you finally decide to improve your health, you work out a plan and stick to it. The more detailed it is, the better. Plot out your activities on a daily basis: maybe a short walk instead of taking the cab; or instead of having soda every day, limit it to three a week until you kick the habit. You will be surprised how these little changes you make can do wonders for you.
  2. When you set a goal, your direction is clear and you will have more of a chance sticking to your goal and the desired outcomes than wandering aimlessly without the direction of a properly written goal.
  3. You are able to set realistic goals. You should accept the fact that there are people who burn calories faster than the others.  As you work on your goal, make adjustments. Do not be disappointed if you have not lost as much weight during the first few weeks.  You may have stretched your goals far too wide. If you feel as if you have lost not enough weight, be proud in knowing that you lost more than what you started with and in that is an achievement on its own!
  4. Knowing that there is something good happening for you when you work on your goal makes you strive harder to comply with what is asked of you.
  5. As you progress with your health routine, you feel good about yourself, and your progress could encourage others to follow suit.
  6. At the start, it could be like you are climbing a mountain to reach your goals.  As you progress though, things come easier and you realize that you are getting fitter, stronger and your mind becomes more focused.

Improving your health can be daunting, more so if you have been at it for a prolonged period of time.  The trick is for you to start now and stick to your plan; soon, you will be on your way to achieving that healthy lifestyle you have always been aiming for.

In the comments section below let us know how you use goal setting to get things done.

Stay on track and make dreams true!


~ Merwin

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