Important Reasons why you Should Cut your Gluten Intake

7. Reduce Gluten Intake

Millions of people in the world are gluten sensitive. Our bodies have not evolved to the point where our digestive systems can handle the digestion of gluten. Still there are some who do not believe that foods containing gluten is dangerous to the health.  Nutrition analysts suggest cutting back on gluten consumption to reduce the risk of illness like brain deficiency and inflammation.

Today’s wheat plants are different

Before the rise of modern agricultural practices, wheat was made from ground, germinated seed. Today however, genetic manipulation and hybridization has caused wheat plants to have higher amounts of starch and gluten. Manufacturers over-process the wheat which renders its nutrition and protein content allergenic.

Gluten increases body inflammation

One effect of gluten to a person’s overall health is inflammation due to the wheat germ agglutinin. This is a compound found in wheat which when combined with other foreign compounds like pesticides can trigger inflammation in the gut. This is dangerous to the health because this can cause undigested food to seep into the intestinal barriers and cause infections

Wheat contains anti-nutrients

Lectins that are found in legumes and eggs are tough proteins to digest and cause digestion problems. Phytic acid is also commonly found in foods containing gluten that can block the absorption of nutrients. Lastly, gluten foods are acidic in nature. Acidic foods can disrupt the body’s natural balance because it has to dip into its mineral storage to counteract the effects of the acid, making your body acidic.

Negative effects on the brain

The gut and brain is connected and a nutrition deficiency in the gut can also affect the brain. One study has shown that gluten intake is associated with schizophrenia. Abnormal brain patterns are also linked to high gluten consumption.

Nutritional content

Whole grains do not provide enough nutrition for the body to buffer its negative effects. Taking its nutritional content into perspective, gluten rich foods are more of a luxury food that a true health necessity.

What are some ways you have cut down on gluten intake?

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