5 Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

5 benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is a popular drink especially during the hot season. It is also sought after because of its health and nutrition benefits. The most preferable way to drink coconut water is to buy young green coconuts which are readily available at the supermarket. If you cannot find young green coconuts, we suggest purchasing one of the many carton varieties of coconut water.

Good for Cardiovascular health

Coconut water is a rich source of potassium and magnesium which is needed by people who suffer from low blood pressure. Coconut water contributes to good health by regulating blood circulation and preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries.  Coconut water also helps in the production of good cholesterol which is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

Aids digestion

Coconut water has bioactive enzymes such as peroxidise, dehydrogenase, folic acid and catalase. These enzymes aid in the digestion process and can even speed up the metabolism. Coconut water also contains more minerals than oranges. It is also a good source of Vitamin B.

Hydrates the body

Coconut water is an effective skin hydrant during both summer and winter. It can also be applied topically directly onto the skin as a moisturizer because of its light consistency. It is ideal for individuals who have oily skin. Coconut water removes excess oil while moisturizing the skin.

Improves skin health

Drinking coconut water is also beneficial for external health. Studies show that using coconut water as a face wash can eliminate acne, blackheads and even wrinkles. Coconut water is rich in nutritional benefits and antioxidants that can fight off free radicals in the body to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Promotes weight loss

Many people can attest to coconut waters ability to help weight loss. Drinking coconut water is one of the health drinks that people can consume to lose weight. It is a natural drink that contains no harsh chemicals so people are safe from side effects. Moreover, coconut water is palatable so people won’t find it difficult to add it to their diet.

Drinking coconut water is a fun way to keep the body cool and hydrated while maintaining good health.

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