The Benefits of Correct Breathing

Correct breathing

Some people enroll in yoga classes because instructors teach different techniques of correct breathing in addition to fitness and outlook. There are 5 benefits of correct breathing that can be acquired from learning how to breathe properly.

  1. Detoxification is one advantage of proper breathing. The lungs are the important organs when detoxifying every day. Carbon dioxide which has already passed through the bloodstream and the lungs is released whenever air is exhaled from the body. More carbon dioxide, a natural waste of metabolism, is eliminated during deep exhalation from the lungs allowing greater lung capacity and allowing in more oxygen.
  1. The oxygenation process of the body’s tissues and cells is another great benefit of correct breathing. The presence of oxygen in the brain increases blood flow to muscles. When oxygen travels in the bloodstream, hemoglobin is attached to the red blood cells and then results to metabolize the vitamins and nutrients needed to enrich the body.
  1. Another benefit of proper breathing is organ massage which promotes circulation in different organs and makes abdominal muscles stronger and more toned. When one inhales, the diaphragm moves down and the abdomen is expanded. Inhaling also massages the heart and the intestines.
  1. Proper breathing also supports the different functions of various body systems such as circulatory, respiratory, digestive and hormonal. Another one of these functions is metabolism. Breathing techniques promote and balance out metabolic rate every day. Body weight is also kept in check with correct breathing techniques.
  1. The last benefit is good posture. Medical experts have mentioned that having bad posture can result in bad breathing. This is the reason why many people are advised to correct bad posture as early as possible to prevent breathing difficulties in the future. Correcting body posture earlier has several other benefits aside from correct breathing.

Breathing much like meditation is a great way to clear your mind and lift brain fog. Breathing better allows you to oxygenate your blood delivering better quality blood to your brain and heart.

How do you incorporate correct breathing into your day?

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  1. Thank you for this article. Yes! Very good information.

    I have practiced yoga off and on for many years, beginning when I was a teenager. I loved the ease of it, and how it allowed me to breathe deeply. I now practice chair yoga, that is stretching any and every way I possibly can while seated in a chair at my computer. Every 30-45 minutes I make a habit of breathing deeply and raising my arms or twisting, even small movements count (learned from my Feldenkrais teacher) so whatever I can do – I do. In just a couple weeks I feel smaller around the waist and less stressed. 😉

    • admin

      Hi Sheila! Thanks for the comment.

      Yoga is so awesome in this respect and many others and I’m so happy that it has had great benefits for you 🙂 We have overlooked at how critical correct breathing is to our health; and I absolutely think that everyone should incorporate breathing exercises with the same level of importance as exercise. Thanks for the great tip! Chair yoga sounds like a great way of getting at least a little yoga into the day, sounds like a great idea for people who are starting out or who have had issues with knees and lower back etc.

      Thanks again for the comment and feedback truly appreciated 🙂

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