Blending Made Easy – How to Make Your Green Smoothies Taste AMAZING every time

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So you’ve heard of juicing, but what about blending? Blending has been seen as another great way of detoxification and another great alternative to input a large amount of nutrition into your body. However, there seems to be one thing that comes up more than often – fiber! When juicing you extract a lot of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables that you have put into your juicer, leaving behind a liquid that doesn’t contain almost any fiber.

Juicing is all about giving the digestion a rest, to heal and repair itself so that all the other organs within your body can be nourished appropriately in order for them to work at maximum capacity.

Blending has its benefits too
While juicing is fantastic there are certain fruits and vegetables that cannot be blended, such as bananas, avocados, mangoes and a whole host of berry varieties which are nutrition powerhouses but unfortunately have very little water content. Smoothies can be used as an alternative to juices when you are on the run or you would like to try something else for the day. Strictly speaking, when you are juice fasting smoothies are to be avoided because the purpose of juicing is to heal the gut and with the large amounts of fiber that the digestive system needs to break down – smoothies are less beneficial in this sense.

Insoluble Fiber and Soluble Fiber
know which fruits and vegetables have soluble and insoluble fiber. This is an important tip as if the ratio of insoluble fiber is greater than soluble fiber the smoothie will tend to froth and the parts within it will separate leaving the texture inconsistent. For example, when making a green smoothie this rule is crucial as the bitterness from leafy greens are quite hard for some people to palate. To a green smoothie you would want to add some fruits to balance out the insoluble fiber from the leafy greens, fruits high in soluble fiber are bananas, mangoes, avocados, and peaches. This not only will add flavor to the smoothie but it will create a smooth consistency and will get rid of the froth.

Which blender will do the trick?
There seems to be huge consensus within the smoothie community to which blender works the best and is the most value for money. There is always one remaining king of blenders, which is the Vitamix 5200s
. The Vitamix 5200s has the best praise for the most functional, durable and powerful blender on the market. Another excellent blender manufacturer is Blendtec
. If you are looking to blend smoothies every single day these two options are for you as cheaper blenders will break apart quite quickly. A popular cheaper alternative is the Ninja Professional Blender
which retails anywhere between $115 – $120 on Amazon. This is a great alternative if you are looking to spend less money on a blender, although the Ninja does not have much of the build qualities in comparison to the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders.

Honestly, if you are new with blending any blender is better than no blender, you can start with a cheap blender and work your way up to a Vitamix or Blendtec once you are ready. And with the day old question of which is better Vitamix or Blendtec? Heres our answer: they both do a phenomenal job in blending anything imaginable and have the warranties, reliability and durability that everyone needs – just go out and get one! Both will do the job perfectly every single time.

16 Tips and Tricks to Ensure your Smoothies are Perfect Every Time

Here are some great tips to improve your smoothies so that when you do decide to create smoothies you will ace them every time!

  1. Freeze: Freeze your fruits! Especially bananas. Simply peel your bananas and place in the freezer. Unfortunately, freezing apples turns them rock hard! So you would want to avoid freezing fruits with high water content.
  2. Find a liquid base: Find a “base” liquid to your smoothies. This can be coconut water, freshly made juices, nut and seed milks or even water.
  3. Find your leafy greens: Most leafy greens work well with each other, it’s up to your taste preference in which one you choose. Leafy greens such as Kale and Spinach are some of the most nutritional dense foods on earth, so you may want to consider adding these from time to time.
  4. Use Fresh Juices: If you are looking to add an extra flavour to your smoothies, use some fresh juice, this not only heightens the flavour but it boosts the nutritional value of your smoothie.
  5. More protein? So you have finished a great workout session and want more protein in your smoothies? How about adding high protein dense foods such as Chia seed, Hemp seed, Bee Pollen or Spirulina to your smoothies? These four superfoods add another level of protein nourishment to your smoothies.
  6. Freeze your coconut water: Freezing your coconut water into ice cubes is a great way to add nutrients and flavour to your smoothies.
  7. Supplementing: Adding green powders and berry extracts are another great way of boosting the nutritional level of your smoothies.
  8. Blend your greens first with your liquid: If you are using a regular blender, try and blend your greens first with your liquid as they are often the toughest to break up, and then add your fruit.
  9. Blending time: There has been quite a bit of debate around this topic. Most people keep their blending time to roughly around 30 seconds to 1 minute as this prevents oxidisation. However this is highly varied as people have different blenders and blender speeds. A good way of judging your blending time would be to check the consistency of your smoothie and adjust your time accordingly.
  10. Go organic: If possible buy organic locally grown fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are not only tastier, but they contain higher levels of nutrients to nourish your body.
  11. Lots of Berries: Berries are a fantastic way to increase anti-oxidant intake without having a huge sugar rush. Berries are generally on the lower end of the glycemic index and therefore do not disturb the bodies sugar and insulin levels.
  12. Add some natural sweeteners: Naturally occurring sweeteners such as organic raw honey or Manuka honey, Xylitol or Stevia can be added in small amounts to heighten sweetness.
  13. Add some flavour: Consider adding some dried fruits such as Goji berries or raw cacao powder for a higher anti-oxidant boost.
  14. Spices: Consider adding spices to your smoothies. A pinch of cinnamon, cayenne pepper or turmeric can go a long way. These spices not only contain high levels of anti-oxidants but are known to prevent many other diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  15. Preparation can save time: If you are looking to prepare a smoothie for the following day to make things easier add all your ingredients to the blender and leave the jug in the fridge ready to blend in the morning.
  16. Use a mason jar: Mason jars are great as they are larger than normal glasses or mugs and are very easy to clean. They can be recycled from all jars that you have accumulating.

If you are thinking of incorporate smoothies into your diet, consider starting off with some berry smoothies than move onto green smoothies which are incredibly good for maintaining high levels of nutrition and health.

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As always, stay safe, live well, fully and in the moment – embrace life!



Photo Credit: Lori L. Stalteri

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